Look-Up please for Phillip Cole, in Wells or vicinity approx 1660

I am looking for information about the birth of my 6th great grandfather, Phillip Cole who I suspect was born in or around Wells, York County, Maine in the years between 1660 and 1675. 

The Coles moved, owing to Indian troubles, to Amesbury, Massachusetts where Phillip and wife Mary raised their family between 1698 and 1712.  In 1716, they returned to Wells with a letter from the Amesbury Church and were granted 50 acres in Arundel  fronting on the ocean at Cleaves Cove.

My brick wall is who was Phillip's father who had settled in Wells during the years 1640 to 1660?

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I don't know if this help you any but here is a list of Cole's from Deer Isle.  


Hillside Cemetery Sunsett, Deer Isle, Maine  http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~medeeris/Deer_Isle/Cemetery_links...

Cole, Annie M. b: Oct 9,1886 - d: 1886 - inf. d/o Thomas S. & Fannie [ Small] Cole

Cole, Cecile Grace b: Dec 22, 1914 DI - d: 1964 D.I. - d/o Thomas E. & Elsie J. [Weymouth] Cole

Cole, Earl Chester b: June 20, 1919 DI - d: 1963 Sunset - s/o Thomas E. & Elsie J. [Weymouth] Cole

Cole, Elsie Jane Weymouth b: Oct 7,1891 Portland - d: Mar 21,1953 D.I. - w/o Thomas Earl -

          d/o William & Jeanette, Weymouth

Cole, Emery Elwood b: July 12, 1909 - d: Oct 24, 1991 Monroe - h/o Virginia Hutchinson

           s/o Thomas E. & Elsie J. [Weymouth] Cole

Cole, Fannie M. d: Oct 9,1886  @ 2 months - d/o Henry F. & Zilphia [Small] Cole

Cole, Frances Hellen "Fannie"  b: Nov 17,1855 D.I. - d: Dec 5, 1930 D.I. - w/o Thomas Small Cole

          d/o John Edward & Elizabeth  S. [Stinson] Small

Cole, Fred Lawrence b: 27 July 1885 - d: Mar 11,1887 ( s/o Thomas S. & Fannie [ Small],Cole )

Cole, Henry Fields , Capt. b: Mar 28,1828 -  d: Apr 3,1910  - h/o Zilphia D. Small -

           s/o Benjamin & Abigail [Bray] Cole

Cole, Lorenzo B.  b:1851 - d: no dates - s/o Capt. Henry & Zelphia - h/o Sylvania Shute

Cole, Susie A. b: 1854 - d: Jan 19,1879 - d/o Capt. Henry F. & Zelphia

Cole, Sylvania Shute b:1861 - d: 1910 - w/o Lorenzo B.

Cole, Thomas Earl b: Aug 20,1890 DI- d: Jan 20,1941 BHMH - h/o Elsie J. Weymouth -

          s/o Thomas Small & Frances Hellen “Fannie”  [Small] Cole

Cole, Thomas P. b: 1942 DI - d: May 7, 2010 Eastport - h/o 1. Bonney Eaton, 2. Sharon Arsenault -

            s/o Emory & Virginia [Hutchinson],Cole - * may be buried in Eastport

Cole, Thomas Small b: Dec 2,1855 - d: Dec 4,1891 Augusta - h/o Frances Hellen “ Fannie” Small -

           s/o Henry F. & Zilphia [ Small] Cole

Cole, Virginia  b: Sept 7, 1914 Stgtn - d: Feb 22,1995 Orono - w/o Emery - d/o Pearl & Carrie Hutchinson

Cole, Zilphia D. b: Sept 10,1830 - d: Jan 11,1918 - w/o Capt. Henry Cole -

          d/o Thomas Colby & Elizabeth Ann[ Fifield] Small

Mt Adams Cemetery Deer Isle, Maine

Cole, Alberta H. b: Sept 4,1873 DI -d: Mar 25,1955 Stgtn - w/o Alpheus H. Cole

            d/o Freeman & Clara [Small],Howard

Cole, Alpheus H. b: Oct 29,1869 -d: Mar 28,1956 - h/o Alberta Howard -

          s/o Benjamin & Rebecca [Marshall],Cole

Cole, Benjamin, b: Sept 23,1837 - d: Mar 18,1905 - h/o Rebecca Marshall -

          s/o Willard & Betsey [Pickering],Cole

Cole, Benjamin F. b: Oct  22,1896 - d: Dec 21,1918 - s/o Alpheus & Alberta [Howard],Cole

Cole, Benjamin Thomas  b: Oct 3,1872 -  Dec 5,1952 DI - h/o Gertrude L. [Stinson],Thompson -

          s/o Benjamin & Rebecca [Marshall],Cole

Cole, Betsey Jane  b: Aug 16,1862 - d: Mar 10,1864 - d/o Benjamin & Rebecca [Marshall],Cole

Cole, Eva May b: Feb 14,1880 - d: Feb 8,1884 - d/o Benjamin & Rebecca [Marshall],Cole

Cole, George Alvin b: July 10, 1882 DI - d: Apr 22,1958 DI  - h/o 1. Linwood P. Gross -

           & 2. Selina Pressey -  s/o Benjamin & Rebecca [ Marshall],Cole.

Cole, Gertrude E. b:1909 - d: Apr 4, 1910 - d/o Benjamin & Rebecca [Marshall],Cole

Cole, Gertrude L.  b: July 1876 - d: 1945 - w/o 1. Phillip A. Thompson & 2. Benjamin T. Cole -

           d/o Mary E. Stinson

Cole, Issac S. b: Feb 28,1866 - d: Apr 20,1866 - s/o Benjamin & Rebecca [Marshall],Cole

Cole, Janice W.  b: Feb 28,1922 Swans Island - d: Sept 7,1976 DI - w/o Lawrence Alvin “Richie”

          d/o George & Iris [Hamblen], Withee

Cole, Lawrence Alvin “ Richie” b: Nov 28,1918 DI - d: Feb 23, 1995 INH - veteran WWII -

            h/o Janice Withee -  s/o George E. & Linwood [Gross],Cole

Cole, Linwood Pickering b: Nov 21, 1896 DI - d: Dec 6,1918 DI - w/o George Alvin -

           d/o Lyman L. & Lida R. [ Greenlaw],Gross

Cole, Rebecca Weed  b: Mar 13,1842 DI - d: Oct 8,1918 -  w/o Benjamin  -

           d/o Ezekiel & Mary E. [Sawyer],Marshall

Cole, Selina Gordon  b: May 9,1877 DI -d: Aug 22,1948 DI - w/o 1. Sam Scott, 2. Thomas Gray -

           & 3.  George Cole - d/o Harland Page & Sarah Doe [Gordon],Pressey

Old Deer Isle Cem  Deer Isle, Maine

Cole, Benjamin b:1785 - d: June 19,1846 - h/o Sabelia Small

Cole, Daniel J. b: Oct 7,1857 - d: Mar 12,1915 DI - h/o Susie M. Shepard -

                   s/o  Samuel & Rebecca [Jarvis],Cole

Cole, Frederick

Cole, George T. b: 1861 - d: Mar 23,1863 -  s/o Daniel P. & Elizabeth Cole

Cole, Infant daughter b: ?? - d: ?? of Samuel & Rebecca [Jarvis],Cole

Cole Isabella

Cole, Joseph b: 1785 - d: Apr 15,1848

Cole, Mary Ann  b: 1818 - d: Nov 5,1871 - w/o Thomas H. Cole

Cole, Rebecca b:1844 - d: May 19,1902 - w/o Samuel- d/o Jarvis

Cole,  Sabelia b: Sept 28,1814 DI - d: Mar 17,1880 - w/o 1.Benjamin Cole & 2.Joshua  P. Haskell -

           d/o Joseph & Fanny[ Green],Small

Cole, Samuel b: Dec 1835 - d: Mar 31,1909 - h/o1. Rebecca Jarvis & 2. Mrs Emma St. Clair -

          s/o Joseph & Lucy Cole

Cole, Susan  b: Apr 9,1821 - d: Apr 15,1870 - w/o Enos - d/o Jeremiah B. & Hannah Nason [Bray],Gray

Cole, Thomas H. b: 1810 - d: Jan 29,1851 / or 54 ? - h/o Mary Ann

Cole, Willard b: 1856 - d: Nov 27,1858 - s/o Daniel & Elizabeth  Cole


Thank you so much for taking the time to provide me with this information but unfortunately none of the names ring a bell.  As far as I know, my Cole family never lived on Deer Isle.

Oh you would be suprised.  Ill tell you all about it in a little bit .  I think as you discover your family tree you will find that one of your ancesters is of this line.  I will help you if you like.  In 1660-1675 Maine was still part of Mass.  The maine we know of today just did not exist.  The Wells Maine that you speek if was just a wildeness.  Just give me a little time and I will try to help you shed a little light on the subject.  I might not be able to find philip for you but ill give it a good try. 

The oldest Cole i have found so far it Benjamin Cole and Joseph Cole both were adults in Maine 1785,  I have to transcrib a history an I will publish it here and you might understand a bit more about what I am speeking.

http://www.royalprovincial.com/genealogy/gen.shtml  This link my help you also.  Its a to the provincial archives for loyalits families . 

Thanks Barbara.

Something I have discovered since my posting has me confused.  Philip's second oldest son John, born April 12, 1702 in Amesbury, MA was baptized in Gloucester, MA on June 1, 1712.  I cannot help but feel that Gloucester may have been the home of Phillip and/or Mary before they settled in Amesbury but I can find nothing else to substantiate this.  I don't know Mary's maiden name in case it was her family that came from Gloucester.

Best regards,


Randy I spent all day and half the night trying to locate information on Philip and just who he is.  I know know at least that the area is Kennebunk, Maine.  I will be going back into the Library next week.   Could you tell me just a bit more about Philip.  Is he the son of the first decendant?  Did he come with other family members.  Are there brother and sisters?  Are there Children.  I will look up for you any information that I can find and the Library has a very extensive collection..  OK. 


Did any of this information help or lead you any where?  I really don't mean to burn up the wire with useless information.  But I do think the Cole's from Deer Isle are part of your extended family however many of them did not have children that lived or were never married,  I think the members there that did have living children all moved over to Sedwick and over around Blue Hill and Ellsworth.  Ok looking forward to helping you solve this mystery....

Hi Barbara,

Please don't stay up half the night on my behalf.  Rome wasn't built in a day!!

I really do appreciate the effort you are making in helping me solve my mystery.  I know nothing of Phillip prior to Amesbury.  He is mentioned in the "Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire" but even the author of that book, Charles T. Libby, did not know Phillip's ancestry.  Phillip is also mentioned in Frank T. Cole's book "Early Genealogies of the Cole Families in America" as being the son of John Cole and the grandson of William Cole.  John born 1630 in England married Mary Chilson.  William born 1601 in Bristol, England married Elizabeth Doughty.  I am unsure of the accuracy of this information because Frank Cole says in his book that sons of John Cole other than Phillip were Isaac, John Jr., Edward, Joseph, and Benjamin.

Frank says that only three of John's sons returned to Cape Porpoise after it was resettled in 1714: Isaac, John Jr., and Phillip. 

Oh my know. As I was working on my family from way back then I just colided with lost of information.  It sounds to though that you have everythin maped out and no about Phillip Cole, just not his father.  Did any of this information help.  I do go to the Libray here a lot and I going to call over to the New England Historical Society   617 596

5740 in order to see what they have on my early ancestors as they have the records I have been told from this time perion when Cape Porpoise was stil part of Mass. 


I do still think that the people down on Deer Isle are part of your family and the ones on Deer Isle are all releated thorugh a common decendant so he should be was back in time... Hosmer worte some book about the early inhabitants that might be of interest to ou but it is about deer isle.   If I can help you firther please let me know.  I hope some of the info i have posted did help you somewhat I found it very helpfull to me on my side of my clan. 

I have a membership in the New England Historic & Genealogical Society.  I have a copy of a deed from August 31, 1722 showing John Cole, second son of Phillip, selling 50 acres of land in Arundel to John Murphy for the sum of 16 pounds.  Mary Cole, John's mother surrenders her dower rights in this transaction.  Witnesses were James March and Leo Hoyers or Hoyes. Obviously Phillip was dead by this time as perhaps was their oldest son, Solomon who would have normally been given the land when his father died.  Solomon was either dead or had moved away from the area and didn't want the land.

I would love to see the original deed of when Phillip purchased this 50 acre parcel in 1716 as it might give me Mary's maiden name.  Quite often the witnesses to the deed might give genealogical clues.

I am curious Barbara as to who is your Cole ancestor from this time period?

The first one I have so far is Joseph Cole, My GGG Grandfather.  Then there is Is son Samuel H, Cole my GG Grandfather.  His daughter Viola May Cole is my Grandmother. 

You have a lot of questions left over who Phillip's father was.  I wish I cold answer that question too.  Nothing I sent you to look at lead you towards finding out.  I have gotten a lot of information about my family just by calling the town historical society.  It of courst is a plus that most of the people that came to Deer Isle stayed on Deet Isle and died there.  It also dosn't hurt that the historian there new all of my family.  There is no one from that Island Im not related to.  I found some new info about my ancester Thomas Hardy form the New England Historic Society web sit.  I tryed to search your's too and come up empty. 


For the deed to this properity I think you should be able to get from massachusetts.  I know that one my cousins requested one for one of our eary ancesters and received a coppy.  Have you tryed this yet?


I had one ancester that just drove me crazzy till I finally found the right answer to link him back to were I knew he belonged, but It was important to prove that he belonged there. 

Well I do hope that you find all your answers.  If I see something else Ill let you know.

Hi again Barbara,

Are there any Colby (Coleby) names located in these cemeteries?  Philip's daughter Sarah who was born in 1710 married a Hezekiah Colby about 1730 and the couple may have later moved to Deer Isle.


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