Look-Up please for Phillip Cole, in Wells or vicinity approx 1660

I am looking for information about the birth of my 6th great grandfather, Phillip Cole who I suspect was born in or around Wells, York County, Maine in the years between 1660 and 1675. 

The Coles moved, owing to Indian troubles, to Amesbury, Massachusetts where Phillip and wife Mary raised their family between 1698 and 1712.  In 1716, they returned to Wells with a letter from the Amesbury Church and were granted 50 acres in Arundel  fronting on the ocean at Cleaves Cove.

My brick wall is who was Phillip's father who had settled in Wells during the years 1640 to 1660?

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Sure there are!  http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~medeeris/Deer_Isle/Cemetery_links...

Some of these are related to me in some way.

From Mt Adams Cemetery

Colby, Ambrose Henry b: Nov 6, 1842 - d: Aug 28, 1861DI -

s/o Henry Emmerton & Mary Lydia [Haskell],Colby

Colby, Flora A. b: June 27,1861 DI - d: 1953 DI - d/o Henry E. & Mary L. [Haskell],Colby

Colby, Henry Emmerton b: Dec 15, 1816 DI - d: Feb 21,1885 , Boston,Ma. - h/o Mary L. Haskell-

s/o Ambrose & Polly Bird Colby

Colby, Lucretia Winthrop b:Nov 18, 1845 - d:June 13,1847- d/o Henry E. & Mary L.[ Haskell],Colby

Colby, Lucretia T. b: 1855 - d: 1913 - d/o Henry E. & Mary Lydia L. [Haskell],Colby

Colby, Mary Lydia Haskell b: Oct 29,1821 DI - d: Sept 1,1908 Newton,Ma. - w/o Henry E. -

d/o Edward & Mary “Polly”[Babbidge],Haskell

Cole, Alberta H. b: Sept 4,1873 DI -d: Mar 25,1955 Stgtn - w/o Alpheus H. Cole

d/o Freeman & Clara [Small],Howard

Cole, Alpheus H. b: Oct 29,1869 -d: Mar 28,1956 - h/o Alberta Howard -

s/o Benjamin & Rebecca [Marshall],Cole

Cole, Benjamin, b: Sept 23,1837 - d: Mar 18,1905 - h/o Rebecca Marshall -

s/o Willard & Betsey [Pickering],Cole

Cole, Benjamin F. b: Oct 22,1896 - d: Dec 21,1918 - s/o Alpheus & Alberta [Howard],Cole

Cole, Benjamin Thomas b: Oct 3,1872 - Dec 5,1952 DI - h/o Gertrude L. [Stinson],Thompson -

s/o Benjamin & Rebecca [Marshall],Cole

Cole, Betsey Jane b: Aug 16,1862 - d: Mar 10,1864 - d/o Benjamin & Rebecca [Marshall],Cole

Cole, Eva May b: Feb 14,1880 - d: Feb 8,1884 - d/o Benjamin & Rebecca [Marshall],Cole

Cole, George Alvin b: July 10, 1882 DI - d: Apr 22,1958 DI - h/o 1. Linwood P. Gross -

& 2. Selina Pressey - s/o Benjamin & Rebecca [ Marshall],Cole.

Cole, Gertrude E. b:1909 - d: Apr 4, 1910 - d/o Benjamin & Rebecca [Marshall],Cole

Cole, Gertrude L. b: July 1876 - d: 1945 - w/o 1. Phillip A. Thompson & 2. Benjamin T. Cole -

d/o Mary E. Stinson

Cole, Issac S. b: Feb 28,1866 - d: Apr 20,1866 - s/o Benjamin & Rebecca [Marshall],Cole

Cole, Janice W. b: Feb 28,1922 Swans Island - d: Sept 7,1976 DI - w/o Lawrence Alvin “Richie”

d/o George & Iris [Hamblen], Withee

Cole, Lawrence Alvin “ Richie” b: Nov 28,1918 DI - d: Feb 23, 1995 INH - veteran WWII -

h/o Janice Withee - s/o George E. & Linwood [Gross],Cole

Cole, Linwood Pickering b: Nov 21, 1896 DI - d: Dec 6,1918 DI - w/o George Alvin -

d/o Lyman L. & Lida R. [ Greenlaw],Gross

Cole, Rebecca Weed b: Mar 13,1842 DI - d: Oct 8,1918 - w/o Benjamin -

d/o Ezekiel & Mary E. [Sawyer],Marshall

Cole, Selina Gordon b: May 9,1877 DI -d: Aug 22,1948 DI - w/o 1. Sam Scott, 2. Thomas Gray -

& 3. George Cole - d/o Harland Page & Sarah Doe [Gordon],Pressey


From Old Deer Isle Cemetery


Colby, Mary b: 1751 - d: Feb 28,1845 - w/o Ambrose Colby - d/o Samuel Bird

Cole, Benjamin b:1785 - d: June 19,1846 - h/o Sabelia Small

Cole, Daniel J. b: Oct 7,1857 - d: Mar 12,1915 DI - h/o Susie M. Shepard -

s/o Samuel & Rebecca [Jarvis],Cole

Cole, Frederick

Cole, George T. b: 1861 - d: Mar 23,1863 - s/o Daniel P. & Elizabeth Cole

Cole, Infant daughter b: ?? - d: ?? of Samuel & Rebecca [Jarvis],Cole

Cole Isabella

Cole, Joseph b: 1785 - d: Apr 15,1848

Cole, Mary Ann b: 1818 - d: Nov 5,1871 - w/o Thomas H. Cole

Cole, Rebecca b:1844 - d: May 19,1902 - w/o Samuel- d/o Jarvis

Cole, Sabelia b: Sept 28,1814 DI - d: Mar 17,1880 - w/o 1.Benjamin Cole & 2.Joshua P. Haskell -

d/o Joseph & Fanny[ Green],Small

Cole, Samuel b: Dec 1835 - d: Mar 31,1909 - h/o1. Rebecca Jarvis & 2. Mrs Emma St. Clair -

s/o Joseph & Lucy Cole

Cole, Susan b: Apr 9,1821 - d: Apr 15,1870 - w/o Enos - d/o Jeremiah B. & Hannah Nason [Bray],Gray

Cole, Thomas H. b: 1810 - d: Jan 29,1851 / or 54 ? - h/o Mary Ann

Cole, Willard b: 1856 - d: Nov 27,1858 - s/o Daniel & Elizabeth Cole


From  Hillside Cementery

Colby, Ada Sophia Miller b:1850 - d: May 11,1932 - w/o Edward H.

Colby, Edward Haskell. b: Dec 23,1847DI - d: Feb 1,1935 D.I. - h/o Ada Sophia Miller -

s/o Henry Emerton & Mary Lydia [Haskell] Colby

Colby, Mildred A. b: Oct 3, 1884 -d: 1954 Blue Hill Hosp - w/o Miller -

d/o Edmund & Susan Eva Dunham, Sylvester

Colby, Miller E. b: Nov 22, 1879 Belfast - d: 1966 Penobscot Nursing Home - h/o Mildred Sylvester -

s/o Edward & Ada [ Miller] Colby


From Old Reach Cementery

Cole, Fred - no further information

Cole, Lillian May b: 1867 - d: 1885 - w/o Fred Cole - d/o Civilian & Nancy [Gifford] Greenlaw


Good Luck.  Hope you find what you need.




http://www.mykennebunks.com/Maine%20History%20from%20Google%20Books...  Check this out too books you can get on line and they are usuall serchable. 

Oh Boy Randy look what I found It very interesting. http://www.mainememory.net/artifact/7494/zoom

Look at the Map during the time you ancester was living here.  Not much around at all.. 

You have to be talking about the popham plantation at the mouth of the Kennebec River.  You see at this time in history York County does not exist.  It was all part of Ma.  I have been looking all at verious list of people back then are their were not that many. 

There is a Willian Cole http://genealogytrails.com/maine/hist_begofcolonialmaine_ch8.html  This is Sacco Maine.  and I you read the article you wil no that it is Wells Maine.  He was there and signed as part of the grand jury.  Page down the artical untill you find The Beginnings of Colional Maine.  I hope this helps.  I would think that this was the First Cole and the one from whom all others sprung. You would now have to look for and download the first united states census and see if you can attach any of you other reletivies back to him. 

Did you know that there is a Cole's Island in Gloucester Ma.  That usually means that the Island was owned by the family of Cole by a Kings land Grant.  May or may not be your family line.

http://www.winthropsociety.com/settlers.php This web site is the company and ship of how the Cole family arrived....

Looks like my clan and you clan all come on the same ship together LOL..



Samuel Cole


Died wp  13 Feb 1666/67

English Origin  Mersey, Essex


With the Winthrop Fleet

Resided in Boston

Freeman of MBC  May 1631

First Spouse Anne (d. a 1647)

Children Catherine, Elizabeth, John, Mary

Second Spouse Margaret (widow Greene) (d a 1660)



http://www.winthropsociety.com/settlers/c-data.htm  The Winthrop Society  

I called the New England Historical Society she said to search the web site at  americanancestors,org   She said this a free search data bass of there collection and others but some of it is non available to members however most of it is.  To become a member its 79 bucks,  I am giving it some serious consideration. 


This might help you Phillip I found it on line at  http://rdsouther.com/p594.htm  I don't know if they have good research or not but they do have citations.

 Hezekiah Colby was born on 25 March 1710 at Amesbury, Massachusetts.3,4 He was the son of Samuel Colby Jr. and Dorothy Ambrose.1,2 Hezekiah Colby was baptized on 1 November 1719 at Salisbury, Massachusetts.4 He married Sarah Cole, daughter of Philip Cole and Mary, on 3 September 1730 at (Newbury or), Amesbury, Massachusetts.5,4 Hezekiah Colby died before 17 July 1788 at as a resident of, Deer Island, Maine.4 Hezekiah was a shipwright at Newbury and Newburyport and as early as 1768, he settled at Deer Isle, Maine. "Samuel COLBY of Amesbury, mariner, conveyed to his son Hezekiah COLBY of Newbury, shipwright, on 5 Nov 1743, land west of his homestead near Powow River."

Children of Hezekiah Colby and Sarah Cole


  1. [S104] David W. Hoyt, Salisbury & Amesbury, p. 107.
  2. [S925] Hawaiian Birth, for Howard Amasa Lincoln, Application #30560, dated 29 Jul 1952 and approved 5 Jun 1953, Certificate #40878.
  3. [S104] David W. Hoyt, Salisbury & Amesbury, p. 108.
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  5. [S104] David W. Hoyt, Salisbury & Amesbury, p. 658.

Phillip here is also a link to the Coles of Deer Isle,  they came from Newbury Port Mas.  Page down a little and you will come to the Cole's It is very interesting. I haven't checked where the references are though. If you finding you relations amoung then we are related...

According to Benjamin Noyes The first signers of the town charter 1708 were Joseph Colby, Joseph Colby Jr, Thomas Colby, Benjamin Cole, Ambrose Colby, Joseph Cole, Noyes does not say much about these families however. Even though this town thing was signed in 1708 many of the family were here before that. Many of these settlers came from Bath, Arrowsic, Harpswell, Cape Porpoise, Cape Ann. All of these were at the time areas of trade with the Indians early on in the 1600, but there were Indian fights against the early settlers too. Why I am telling you this is that the people on Deer Isle are there because of the sea and its harbors, and its easy access to the Casco Bay that is about an hours sailing and the Ise of Shoals which is the fishing grounds both then and now. What seem to be a very long distance for us, Portland being 200 miles by car, was to them just a short trip across the ocean.

You need to read the google play book. Its is free. Title “An Historical Sketch of the Town of Deer Isle with Notices of its Early Inhabitants” by George Lawrence Hosmer.

Hosmer was also an Early Inhabitant of Deer Isle and is buried there. He has much to say about the Cole family and the Colby family. It would seem that we all came to Deer Isle because of a connection with the Haskells. This Cole family has a daughter that married Deacon Francis Haskell, and some one else. She moved back to Mass. Benjamin Cole is killed by a fire on a ship. He jumps overboard with his son and swims to shore. They make it to land and to their homes where they both die of injury’s. They do leave issues on Deer Isle.

Please let me know where this leads you if any where? I am very interested in if these are your ancestors as they are also mine and in more ways than through one or two people. There is one thing about Deer Isle is that it like a little snap shot into the past in that no one could get off the Island until 1939 as they saying goes. LOL so most stayed and married within there little island group. 


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