My 3rd great-grandfather was Oliver Thurston (1811-1878) I have traced him  to Clinton in 1836 when he got married to Martha Baker of Clinton.


He was involved in a court case in Clinton in 1837 and lived there until his death in 1878.


My guess is that he was from Clinton or the surrounding area. I'm trying to locate a birth/baptismal record to get a lead on his parents.


If anyone from Clinton could help, I would be grateful. 

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Kennebec registry of Deeds Has many listings for your Oliver Thurston. You must sign up to view, but searches are free. also you will have to pay for copies. They also have copies of the court record there you mention. I have found many valuable clues in my own family tree searches here. 


Hi Ben,
Thank you for the tip. I found 24 records for Oliver Thurston. Since several of my other ancestors are from Kennebec I found info on them as well. One more question...The printouts are $3.00 each. How legible are these records? I'm not sure I want all 24 records so I'm trying to get my best bang for the buck. Also how detailed are the records? I'm targeting the earliest ones because I'm trying to get a lead on Oliver's father. For example, do you think an early document that mentions another Thurston name as co-signor might say father?

They might by way of last will and testament of (?). The ones I have gotten from them you down load to your computer and they were as legible as the writers handwriting. Being able to download them allows you to zoom into specific areas of the documents. I think I know of the document that you are referring to with Oliver Thurston listed with John Thurston Jr. being Grantors to someone else. Perhaps they are brothers?


Buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Clinton (see attachment)

Hi Mel,


I just got a book of vital records for Clinton in the mail. There is a burial reference to a John Thurston who died 9 May 1868 at the age of 97 years. This would put John in his 40's when my ancestor was born. Do you think it is possible that he is the father of Oliver Thurston, born abt. 1814?  

All the Thurstons I have are from China which is not too far from Clinton. If I were you I would go to

This way you will find most of the Thurstons from Clinton. I would use it as a guideline for possible clues even though it may not be 100% accurate.

Hi Mel,


Thanks for the clue. Oliver Thurston had just "magically" appeared in Clinton around 1833 and I had no idea where he might have come from....I'll be sure to check it out.

I descend down through Oliver's sister's line. Hannah Thurston Goodwin Nelson. Their parentsvwere John and Mary Thurston. I discovered this by looking theough the LDS microfilm for Clinton. You can see John and Mary living next to their daughter in the census records around 1850. I am trying to find out John's parent's names.
Stephanie Smith


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