Looking for any info on my Grandmother Frances Selena Robbins

She was born about 1925. I found her mother listed as 
Hazel Pendleton in my baby book. I believe the Pendleton
Was a 2nd marriage. Frances married a number of times
1st husband was a Tarbox, 2 was my Grampa Everett Gerry
3 was a Albert Durgin 4 I'm not sure but I think she married 
a Maserve and last was Myron Micninch. I am trying to find 
Who her father was, he may have been Donald A Robbins 
and Hazel may have maiden name Griffin. I have not found 
anything to solidly back that up though. 
 Would appreciate any little info. I would like to understand her 
Better~ Nicole Dwelley Huntress

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Sorry my post looks weird! Laptop is down, trying to research from my phone and it's just not the same.

I'm sure you've seen some of these records already, but here's what I've found:


Hazel (Griffin) Robbins married Evans L. Pendleton in 1929:



Evans and Hazel were living in Portland in 1930 with children Stanley Robbins, aged 6, and "Francis," aged 5:



A search of Cumberland County deeds shows that Evans and Hazel bought their home on Hingham Street in February 1930, and sold it in June 1932:



Donald A. Robbins and Hazel L. Griffin, both of Bangor, married in 1920:



The 1930 census says that Hazel first married at age 21, which fits with this marriage date.


A Hazel L. Griffin, 20, lived in Bangor in 1920 with her aunt Lucy F. Kellen and mother Rose E. Griffin:



Rosa E. Griffin and Hazel were living in Pittsfield, Maine, in 1910:



It appears that Hazel was born in Penobscot County in 1899. I don't have an Ancestry.com subscription at the moment, so I can't confirm this:



Hazel's aunt Lucy's maiden name was evidently "Higgins":



Lucy and Rosa Higgins were daughters of Roland and Adaline Higgins of Orrington, Maine:



Here is a record of Rosa's birth:



Getting back to Frances's father, the marriage record of Hazel and Donald A. Robbins should give you some information on his origins:



They have recently opened up access to Maine birth records older than 75 years, so you should be able to order Frances' birth record from the Vital Records office:



This should confirm whether Donald was indeed her father. I suspect that Donald A. Robbins was the son of James and Eliza Robbins of Belfast. Here they are in 1900:



He was born 24 Dec. 1896 in Belfast to James and Eliza (Merrithew) Robbins, and died in Ohio in 1949:


Oh wow! Thank you so much! I guess I need to work on my research skills. I had the info on Hazel and Donald but wanted to be sure. 
This really made my day. 


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