Looking for Bowker family information in the Machiasport area

My name is Steve Bowker. My grandfather was Harold Bowker, originally from Port Orchard Washington. His father was from Machiasport. My grandfather had an uncle named Enoch who survived a  shipwreck off of the coast of Mexico around the time of the California Gold Rush. Would anyone have information regarding the family history? We have some old letters from Enoch describing the ordeal but little is known of him, or the rest of the family since the brothers settled on the west coast.

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Is it possible that your grandfather's people went to Washington with the move of the sawmill from Maine to Port Gamble? As I understand it, a company out of San Francisco discovered the standing timber in that area of Washington, and sent back to Machiasport/East Machias, and moved a sawmill and personnel (with families) to that area. That meant they could market lumber in the San Francisco area without bringing it by ship around South America, as they had been doing. Just a thought.



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