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Dr Silas Atherton Holman,

born abt July 1831 in Gardiner, Kennebec, ME,

died 24 December 1894 in York, York, ME.

Medical Doctor in the U.S. Civil War


He was a single man with no other family members in York and is not buried there so I suspect he is buried in Gardiner.

Does anyone have easy access to the MOCA books for Kennebec County and can you tell me if my hunch is correct?  Cemetery name, etc, would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you




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Have you checked his death record? Cemeteries weren't usually noted on records that early, but it might give a town. recently added Maine Death Records—if you don't have a subscription, maybe another member here can do a quick lookup for you.

Thanks for the heads up.  Info is there as you suggested.

He is buried in Dedham - unfortunately, a state is not indicated so my feeling is that it is Dedham, ME.




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