Looking for information on my Allen and Webster lineage

Good afternoon!

I have been doing genealogical research on my father's side of the family, which has deep roots in Maine. His paternal line is Allen - Webster - Coombs. I have had a fair amount of success getting information on the Coombs line; however, I am drawing big blanks on both the Websters and Allens.

I do know that my grandfather Allen was born on Verona Island, and then in the 1920's, his family moved to Brewer, Maine, where he died.

Here is the lineage that I have, which goes back to my great-great grandparents and no further. I'm sure the line goes back further than that. My 92 year old aunt (father's sister) says that there is an abundance of Allens in Maine, although I have no idea which ones might share the same ancestry.


Elbridge Allen (1823 - 1890) and Eliza Coombs (1832 in Lewiston - 1911 in New Sharon)

George H. Allen (1863 - ?) and Florida N.S. Webster (1867 - ?  Bucksport perhaps)

Royce Page Allen (1898 - 1978) and Ethel Small (1895 - 1971)

David Phillip Allen (1929 -   )

I can go back as far as Florida's parents, Isaiah Webster (1821 - ? ) and his wife Abbie, maiden name unknown. I have hit brick walls, and am not sure where to focus my time and energy next. It would be nice to complete the puzzle even a bit.

I have had no difficulty locating information on my grandmother Ethel's Small line, which apparently was rather prolific in the Bowdoinham, Charlston, Scarborough and Kittery areas. Same goes for her mother, Lenora Dyer's line, which can be traced back to Mary Dyer and Anne Marbury Hutchinson. I also have Jaques, Lyfords, Graves and Farnhams in her family line.

Any clues and insight would be greatly appreciated!


Jennifer Allen

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This site appears to have some accurate information on Florida's parents, who married 22 Oct. 1843 in Castine. This is Isaiah's death record.

I think it's likely that George H. Allen was the son of Joseph and Hannah (Baker) Allen of Verona, as shown in the 1880 censusGeorge and "Floreda" are buried in the same cemetery as Joseph and Hannah. Joseph's death record is here, and Hannah's is here.

Thank you, Chris. Your information is correct and coincides with further information that I recently dug up in my research. George H. Allen is my great-great grandfather and I have followed his line back to the mid-1500's with a Richard Allen married to a Margaret Wyatt in Bedfordshire or Devon England. The first Allen that appeared to show up in Maine was a Walter Allen married to an Elizabeth Middleton, and they lived in York County (Berwick? Kittery?).

I am still uncertain about the accuracy of any information on the Webster line, so that lineage stops with Josiah Webster married to Bethiah Varnum in Hancock County in 1794 or thereabouts.

The Jones and Baker lines have also come to dead-ends. Hannah Baker was married to Joseph A. Allen (Hancock County - Verona?) in the early to mid-1800's. Isaiah Webster was married to Abigail Jones, also Hancock County in the mid-1800's. Any information beyond that is very sketchy.  Links or suggestions to any source information would be much appreciated.

Thanks again!


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