Betsey Chute married Timothy Bryant 18 Mar 1812, was born in Scarborough 24 Mar 1793, and is buried in Jay Hill Cemetery in Jay, ME- died 7 Nov 1882 (supposedly in Madison). I have hit a wall in finding her parents. Anyone out there have any info / leads?

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I can help you with that. I live in Scarborough and I am on the research committee at the Scarborough Historical Society. I will look at the church records and see what I can find. Did they marry in Scarborough? You may want to check the spelling SHUTE also, as the family used both spellings.....



Thanks so much for your reply (and sorry, I haven't checked this forum in a while)!  I am not sure exactly where they were married, but she was born in Scarborough, and Timothy was born in Saco.  His parents were Daniel Bryant and Sarah Merrill, of Biddeford and Buxton, respectively.  They moved to Jay by 1814, as their children were born there.  Thanks again!


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