I am looking for a woman named Lottie, born sometime in the 1840's - early 50's.  She lived in either Livermore or Canton during the latter part of 1860's.  Her initials may be L.A.B.  I am transcribing diaries from the late 1860's and John Howard (b. 1845) has been visiting with her on a regular basis.

Thank you

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There was a Charlotte A. Burbank, born about 1851, who lived in Canton in 1860 and 1870. This Burbank genealogy says that Charlotte Ann Burbank, daughter of Samuel and Remembrance (Luce) Burbank, b. 25 Jan. 1851, married William H. Bickford and lived in Massachusetts and Livermore.

Thanks and appreciate this lead.  Strong possibility that Lottie is from this family.  In '68 John Howard worked for the senior S Burbanks in the hop fields and cutting wood, also went to a 'horse trot' with one of the Sam Burbanks...either father or son.  Further cross referencing is needed to strengthen this lead.


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