Looking for Parents of Abigail Lewis (c.1799-1851), wife of William Cross (1799-1886)

Looking for the parents of Abigail Lewis, born about 1799 and died 10 March 1851 in Vassalboro, married in 1823 to William Cross, born about 1799 and died 2 December 1886.

I've seen several personal trees listing her as the daughter of Jabez Lewis and Sally Baxter, but I can't find any proof of that and find that skeptical. Any help would be much appreciated. I have a big hole in my tree where I can't find any info on 3 generations of women who married into the Cross family.

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I apologize in advance for not having more time to delve into this right now, but I wanted to share what a a quick search on FamilySearch brought up for me for Abigail Lewis. I found Abigail listed in this family tree: 


I obviously don't know the accuracy of the tree without spending a great deal of time looking it over, but there are a great deal of sources connected to Abigail Lewis, including the death certificated and marriage certificates for many of her children. While some certificates list her place of birth as Vassalboro, others list Palmero, so it might be of use to search for any birth records from Palmero, Maine, during that time period. Also, if you can find a copy of the marriage license or intent to marry, sometimes those records will list the name of the parents as well. 

Happy hunting! 


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