Looking for parents of Elihu C (Charles) Harding, b. 1802 in Waldo, d. 1865 in Kansas. Married Keziah Wood, b. 1799 d. 1839 in 1823. They had two children, Mary Jane & Lydia J, b. 1826. Elihu & Keziah divorced in 1835. I have found many Hardings, but haven't been able to connect any one line with Elihu or Keziah. Big brick wall!! Just joined Maine Genealogy Network. Appreciate any help. Thanks!

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If you haven't seen the actual divorce record, you can view it here:


It says that Elihu and Keziah were married 10 Apr. 1823, and were living in Northport. Elihu had committed adultery with one Sarah Harding on 2 Apr. 1834 at Northport, had left the state with her on 25 June 1834, and had not returned.

Thanks! An eye opener. Elihu left for Michigan sometime between 1835 and 1838 and ended up marrying one Emmeline Ruff in 1839. He must have brought his children with Keziah, Mary Jane and Lydia (born in 1826) to Michigan at some point because Mary Jane is my direct person and married into the Ruff family as well.They were all early Michigan settlers.


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