Looking For Parents of Noah W. Cross (c.1823-1874) of Gardiner Maine

I'm looking for the parents of Noah W. (Wesley?) Cross, born about 1823, died 10 January 1874 in Gardiner, Maine. His wife was Emeline Chase, married 26 Oct 1845 in Augusta. I have the following children: George, Julia, Agnes, Alice, Charles, and Mary Emma.

I've searched all over Ancestry, FamilySearch, and Google and found nothing. Help much appreciated.

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The death record of his son Charles says that Noah was born in Vassalboro. There was large Cross family in that town, descending from Noah Cross and Lydia Cromwell. I would guess that Noah belonged to that family, though I can't tell you which branch.

Yeah that’s my family. I had assumed the same thing. My best guess at this point is he’s descended from 1) Noah & Lydia, 2) William, 3) James, 4) unnamed son of James (a teen in 1800 census), 5) Noah W Cross. Or maybe 1) Noah, 2) William, 3) William, 4) unnamed son (under 10 on 1800 census), Noah W Cross. And then it’s always possible his line comes from Noah’s son Joshua who went to Bristol, ME while his brothers went to Vassalboro. I’ve never been able to find any trace of his descendants. Most of the branches that went to Vassalboro are pretty well documented so it’s easier to say who he can’t come from, unless he was illegitimate.


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