Looking for the Genealogy of Benjamin Green, b. 1803 Phippsburg, ME

Looking for any information on Benjamin Green, b. 1803 in Phippsburg, ME. He married a Nancy (no last name given), and the birth record on LDS has No parents listed. I have found some census records prior to 1840 (but no names are given.

They had a child, Harriet Green, b. 1845 in Phippsburg. (my gg-grandmother) who married Charles Johnson.

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Thank you so much for the information, it helps tremendously. I was wondering if you had any documents to prove the claims. Yes, I would like the list of children. I am wondering if Nancy Cary was an indian. That would make her my gggg-grandmother and I was told that my gggg-grandmother was a full blooded indian from the BlackFeet or Micmac tribe. I am quite shocked to find that Benjamin Green was a negro. But that might be why my family has always discouraged doing any genealogy. I can give you the information on the Charles and Harriet line if you like.

Diane, Try this sight.. a follow up on Gerry's note.


Thank you sooo much for the information. It is my understanding from what you wrote that Benjamin's wife, Nancy's last name was CAREY? Is that correct.
I have been exploring these roots for quite some time and I do have a copy of the interments for Charles W. Johnson, his wife, Harriet, his daughter, Rachel (who was married to Emil Peterson), and Nancy - Harriet's mother!. They are all buried in Bath, Maine. If you would like, I can send you the copy of the interment I got from Bath. I have attached.
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It appears from census records that there was only one Carey family living in Phippsburg at the time of Nancy's marriage, that of Peter Carey. He's probably the same described in Reed's History of Bath and Environs as "a mulatto of gigantic size and strength."
I read the Reed's History of Bath Environs regarding Peter Carey. There are STILL unanswered questions regarding the Benjamin Green that I am looking for, whose wife is Nancy and the Benjamin Green that you are talking about.

First and foremost is the problem that I have MY Nancy Green buried in Bath cemetery in the same plot as her daughter, Harriet Newell Green and Harriet's husband, Charles W. Johnson (my gggg-grandparents). This Nancy Green died on May 6, 1895 at 89 Years old. This does not correspond with your Nancy Carey's date of death.

This interment that I have from Bath IS my family, since as you can see there is also a Rachel who is buried there. Rachel is Charles and Harriet's daughter. She married an Emil Peterson and died at 30 years old. That corresponds with the census record of 1900 wherein Charles and Harriet, who now live in Boston, MA have Emil Peterson living with them, stating he is widowed and their son-in-law.

I wish I could find a marriage record for Charles W. Johnson and Harriet Newell Green, which could possibly have their parents names.

More information that I have about Harriet: I have Harriet Newell Green's death certificate (which is also attached) Harriet's mother is Nancy but no last name given, father Benjamin Green.

I just believe there is ANOTHER Benjamin Green in Maine, married to a Nancy someone. It's kinda strange that the informant on the death record was Charles Johnson, and that he did not know the last name of his mother-in-law, but that the mother-in-law lived to be 89 years old!

The only other thing that might be something I need to figure out how to research: This Nancy might be (according to our family stories and information) an Indian. (Native American to be gramatically correct). I was always told that my father's gggg-grandmother was a full fledged indian. And this might account for your Peter being mulatto of gigantic size. My ggggg-grandmother would have been one of those blond-haired, blued eyed indians. If I am correct, then your Carey's might have been indian, which is why you are not going to find them in books! All books that were written in the 1800s don't mention genealogy of any indians.

I'm stuck, I'm really stuck. I stuck with Charles W. Johnson, and I'm stuck with Benjamin Green - their ancestory, but have some great documents to verify this information up until this time. I'm stuck with WHO Charles W. Johnson's parents are and I'm stuck with this Nancy woman?

Thank you for your information. But if you can help me to figure out more on these lines, it might help everyone.

I have another attachment, so I will put it in another reply. Another Benjamin Green!
Interment below, for Benjamin Green - son of the Benjamin, buried in the same cemetery.

Also attached, are two census records, one 1850 and the other 1860. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!
Benjamin Green, Nancy, look at their ages!!!!!
In 1850 Benjamin Green states he is 47 years old and his wife Nancy is 37!
In 1860 Benjamin Green states he is 50 years old and his wife Nancy is 46!

It makes sense that Nancy is now almost 10 years older --- But it doesn't make sense that Benjamin is only 3 years older!!!! So, I am trying to ascertain the REAL date of birth for Benjamin. Also note that in the column that should indicate "race", nothing is listed!!!!! This is why I'm confused on Benjamin's date of birth - If he was 47 in 1850, he would have been born in 1803 - which is the date everyone seems to say.
HOWEVER, if he was 50 in 1860, he would have been born in 1810 - which is where we might need to look......

Please give me your thoughts on this!
Not sure if you've seen it, but the 1870 census does say that Nancy and her two youngest sons were "Mulatto." She was living without her husband, which is consistent with the 1867 Benjamin Green death record that Gerry found.

If Nancy died in Maine, her death should have been recorded and a copy of the record sent to the state. Contact the Archives and they'll send you an uncertified copy for $7, a certified copy for $15.
I didn't have that one. HOWEVER, I DO have a Nancy Green living with the Carys in Maine. She is a widow. If this is YOUR Nancy Carey married to Benjamin Green, then she was living in Knox, Maine with the Cary family. This would make also sense that this Nancy's maiden name was Carey (Cary). This Nancy is white!.

I am now really confused. I have sent you the file on this 1870 Federal Census attached.

So, my question is: Who was Benjamin married to? Nancy WHO? I don't believe it was Cary, but it might be, and possibly so, this Nancy that you have indicated on this record (which I never had). And this Nancy being Malatto is really interesting!!!!!

Thank you, again for your help!
Hmm, you will have to rule out that Nancy. But I think the fact that two of Harriet's siblings were living with the "mulatto" Nancy in Phippsburg in 1870 strongly suggests that this is the right one.
I don't understand. If your telling me that Benjamin Green was married to Nancy Carey (Cary), then why would I rule this 1870 census out? This indicates Nancy Green, widowed living with the Cary famly.
This is why I did rule out Nancy Carey being married and the mother of Harriet Newell Green, because the age of death is wrong and where were her two young children living (which I couldn't find).

I have been searching for records for the children of Benjamin Green and Nancy (to wit: Joseph, Charles W., Benjamin, and Samuel). I have found a great deal of information of some serving in the Civil War. I am trying to find records where they would indicate their mother's maiden name. So far, no avail!
Sorry, when I said "you will have to rule out that Nancy," I meant that you will have to find more evidence to rule her out--not that you should rule her out based on the 1870 census info alone.

Since the 1870 census doesn't indicate marital status or relationships, there's no way of telling from the record alone if the Greens and Careys in that household were even related. It could just be a coincidence--especially given the distance between Phippsburg and Camden. I haven't been able to identify this Nancy Green with certainty in any previous census, or the Mary Green who was living with her.

As for the conflicting death dates for Nancy, Gerry said that he didn't know where the 1894 date came from. It might well be incorrect. Checking Maine Vital Records for 1894 and 1895 should clear that up.
I have another question regarding the census records: Did "Malatto" mean any mixture of blood (i.e. Black and White, Indian and whiteman, chinese and white or any other mixture) or did it mean JUST Black and White mixture????


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