Looking for the Genealogy of Benjamin Green, b. 1803 Phippsburg, ME

Looking for any information on Benjamin Green, b. 1803 in Phippsburg, ME. He married a Nancy (no last name given), and the birth record on LDS has No parents listed. I have found some census records prior to 1840 (but no names are given.

They had a child, Harriet Green, b. 1845 in Phippsburg. (my gg-grandmother) who married Charles Johnson.

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There are several cemeteries on the Stoneybrook Road. One is very close to the road, another is further up at the crossing of Stoneybrook and Meadowbrook Road on the left as you turn the corner to the left,with another cemetery across from that. There is also another cemetery on the Meadowbrook Road which is difficult to see from Meadowbrook Road. Are you near enough to come and look at the cemeteries or if Gerry doesn't find out exactly where the Green family is buried, I could go and look for you. Gerry might even know people who have pictures of the stones or we might have some at the Phippsburg Museum. I'll watch the postings and if there is information at the Museum I'll try to find it. You might also want to call the Totman Library in Phippsburg, 389-2309 and talk to the Librarian. They might have sources there or in the private records. My students and I have worked in several Phippsburg cemeteries and I'll keep your request in my head when we go back out in the spring.
Thank you so much for your response. I live in Sherman, Maine, way, way, way up in the northern part of Maine and don't have the vehicle for such a trip. So, if you could, or one of you could find out any information, I would be truly grateful.

I have found proof that Benjamin or Benja Green is definitely married to Nancy Carey.  I found the death record of my Nancy in Massachusetts, stating that she was the widow of Benja Green and that her father was Peter Carey!  YIPPEE.


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