Looking for the Genealogy of Benjamin Green, b. 1803 Phippsburg, ME

Looking for any information on Benjamin Green, b. 1803 in Phippsburg, ME. He married a Nancy (no last name given), and the birth record on LDS has No parents listed. I have found some census records prior to 1840 (but no names are given.

They had a child, Harriet Green, b. 1845 in Phippsburg. (my gg-grandmother) who married Charles Johnson.

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My understanding is that mulatto ment anything and everything other than pure snow white
So, the Malatto of Nancy Green COULD MEAN, an indian parent?
I have a picture, taken in 1917 (two years BEFORE Harriett Newell Green died. Now this is a picture of my great-grandmother, Georgiana Nash who is married to Walter Johnson. Walter Johnson's mother is Harriet Newell Green. This would mean that Harriet Newell Green is Georgiana's mother-in-law. I don't know whether this is she with Georgiana. I don't know who she is but she is OLD! There is quite a few pictures of Georgiana on the coast (of Maine is questionable), but there are OLD MEN, and I am trying to figure who they are. Charles Johnson, b. 1842 was in Togus in Portland. He didn't die until 1923! His wife died in 1919. Both buried in Maine and I always "assumed" (although you shouldn't) that these pictures where taken in Maine, on the coast somewhere and the old man was Walter Johnson's father (Charles W. Johnson). However I don't know and there is no one left alive to even give me an idea of who these people are. I can send you the pics if you like and maybe you can tell me if this is familiar to the coastline of Maine in 1917. Also, was there some sort of flooding that occurred in 1917 in Maine?
When my father's mother, Eva Johnson died in 1952, my father's father, Jesse Barnaby, gave her old photo album to my mother for safe keeping. Unfortunately nothing was ever written except some dates, 1917 on some of these pictures. There are so many OLD PICTURES of my family, but no one ever took the time to write who they were. But these (I call picnic scenes), where taken on some coastline with very few homes and looking at the people, and other pics taken in 1917 (written on pics), I think that the picnic was around that time.
There was flooding on the Androscoggin River in June 1917.
For those who want to know what I have thus far:

Notes for Harriet Newell Green: Death record from Massachusetts: Volume 17, Page 474 - her residence was 28 Walker Street, age at death 74y 4 m 20 d. This record gives her birth date as 1/20/1845 in Phippsburg Maine, born to Benjamin Green and Nancy ?. Parents were both born in Phippsburg. She was buried at Oak Grove in Bath Maine 6/11/1919. The information was provided by her husband Charles W. Johnson, so his death is sometime after.
Her birth record in LDS states that her father was Benjamin Green and her mother was Nancy (no last name given).
Notes on Benjamin Green: According to Lisbon Vital Records -1786-1850 (Connecticut Town Marriage Records, pre-1870 Barour Collection)
"Nancy Peckham of Lisbon, m. Benjamin C. Green, of Griswold, May 27, 1827, by Amos Read, Elder.

Other research has indicated that Benjamin Green was married to a Nancy Cary in Maine. Benjamin Green b. about 1806, died 2 July 1867, married Nancy Cary 18 Nov. 1831. She was b. about 1803 and died 17 Jan 1894.

Census 1850 notes that Benjamen Green and Nancy are living in Maine with the children.

Research for Benjamin Green:
LDS, extracted records:
Benjamin Green, b. Feb. 15, 1800 West Springfield, Hampden, MA, Father: Jeptha Green, Mother: Margaret
Benjamin Green, b. June 8, 1801 Royalston, Worcester, MA, Father: Samuel Green, Mother: Sally
Benjamin H. Greene, b. Feb. 24, 1802 Cambridge, Middlesex, MA - No mother or father listed.
Benjamin Green, 1803 Phippsburg, Sagadahoc, Maine - No parents listed
Benjamin H. Green, April 3, 1804 Lynn Essex Massachusetts. Father: James Green, Mother: Rebeckah
LDS Has a Benjamin Crary Green b. April 7, 1804 in Connecticut, died Feb, 1870, mother Cristobel Crary, father Benajah Green, married to a Nancy Ann Peckham on May 27, 1827 in Lisbon New London, Conn.

Cannot find him in the Federal Census of 1870 - he must have died between 1860 and 1870.

What I do know: Benjamin Green and Nancy: 1850 Federal Census; 1860 Federal Census
1840 Federal Census: Benjamin Green in Kennebunk Maine, 1 male between 5-10; 1 male between 10-15 and 1 male between 15-20; 1 maile between 30-40 and 1 male between 60-70; 1 female between 10-15; 15-20 and 20-30 and 40-50.

1830 Federal Census in Portland, Maine: 1 male between 5-10; 1 male between 30-40; 2 females 5-10; 1 female 15-20 and 1 female 30-40.

NEW SEARCH: In the New York Genealogical and biogaphical record, Volume 39, page 109 talks about the Green Family with Plymouth Roots. On page 113-114 it states:

25. Benjamin Green (James, William, William), b. "East Haddam, August 31, 1762; bap. March 14, 1773; m. Betsey Bigelow, b. June 14, 1768, Colchester, Conn., dau. of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Otis) Bigelow, and grand-dau, of James Ois and Sarah Tudor, his wife, dau. of Samuel Tudor. Benjamin Green d. July 31, 1828. Mrs. Green d. July, 1855. Children: James Green, b. July 29, 1789; Ruth Green, b. Dec. 14, 1790; Betsey Green, b. Sept. 26, 1795; Harriet Green, b. April 30, 1800; Benjamin Green, b. Jan. 2, 1803; d. unm; Hannah Green, b. Jan. 2, 1803; Sarah Wing Green, b. March 27, 1808; Anson Green, b. Aug. 14, 1810.

This is interesting because we are trying to find Benjamin Green, b. 1803 in Maine, and find this one listed, but also indicates that he died unmarried, but does not state the date of birth.

Reply by Gerry York Maine Genealogy network: Here is the list of Benjamin Green children.

• Phippsburg Vital Records to the year 1892 is a bound volume which was compiled and published by the town of Phippsburg from their written records. There is a copy in the Totman Library at Phippsburg. There is likely a copy as well in the Maine State Library in Augusta. My copy is photocopied and does not have the cover or date of publication. It is about 430 pages.
The marriage data for Benjamin Green lists his wife as Nancy -----. Nov 18, 1831. [Intent of marriage adds; Miss Nancy Carey, both of P.]
Phippsburg Vital Records list Benjamin Green died 2 July 1867 at 61y. (Negro) (grave stone record, “Rye” Field” Burying Ground, Stony Brook Road.
The children are all from the same source as the marriage.
Benjamin, b. 4 Nov 1841 d. 1856
Benjamin Franklin, b. 7 Feb. 1858 d. 1921
Charles Woodbury, b. 14 Nov. 1843 d. 16 May 1864
Cordelia Heal, b. 7 Jan. 1839
Hannah Abigail, b. 28 June 1841
Harriett Newell, b. 20 Jan. 1845
Joseph Thomas, b. 16 Sept. 1832 d. 18 Mar 1833
Joseph Thomas, b. 3 March 1834 d. 1885
Lydia Augusta, b. 1 Feb. 1850
Nancy Jane, b. 27 Apr. 1836 d. 29 Jul 1840
Samuel Austin, b. 4 May 1853
With the exception of Harriett marrying Charles W. Johnson of Portland I have no other information on these people. I don’t know where the date of death for Nancy Carey of 17 Jan 1894 came from. There is a group from Phippsburg that meets once a month for genealogy at the Totman Library. I may have got it there from someone’s cemetery data but I haven’t recorded a source.

What I am going through now: He states that Nancy Carey died Jan. 17, 1894, however, according to the Interment that in the Bath Cemetery, Benjamin's wife, Nancy died May 6, 1896! So I'm still not sure if this Benjamin Green (negro) and Nancy is ours. However, the list of children are the same, so that makes me wonder!

I want to do more research on this Nancy Carey though, just to be sure. Found a Nancy Green in 1870 Fed Census indicating that she is a Malatto, living with two children, Samuel and Benjamin. This makes sense.
Diane i thought I had sent you a note to say that the date of death for Nancy also comes from the Phippsburg Vital Records sourse. But....It does not specifically say it is for Nancy wife of Ben. All it says is Nancy Green Jan. 17, 1894 At age 90y. 11m. 20d. at Richmond [Maine] it cites a sourse for that data as from church records of the free Will Baptist Church of Phippsburg. I had assumed this was Nancy wife of Ben because the age was in the ballpark. There wern't that many Greens in Phippsburg and she was the right age. I Know......I shouldn't assume.
OK, that explains the discrepancy. There was another Nancy Green who lived in Richmond in 1880. She was the wife of Edward Green, and lived in Phippsburg in 1860 and 1870.
So is this Nancy Cary (Carey) that everyone is talking about?????
No, this seems to be a different Nancy Green, who lived in Phippsburg at the same time as Benjamin and Nancy. So the Nancy Green who died in 1894 is probably not the one who married Benjamin.
Are there any records for Negros or Indians in the Phippsburg area in the early 1800s that I can find any genealogy????? I'm wondering if Benjamin is a negro and his wife was an indian, how can I find any information. I have found however, a Nathaniel Green and Peter H. Green owners of a ship in Bath Maine. The vessel was registered in the Port of Bath. It seems that they were suppose to have gone to the West Indies, and went to Barbados instead. The story is in a Pamphlet published in Bath during the embargo/war printed in 1825. The incident happened in 1813. This is interesting, because if either of these guys are the father of Benjamin and Benjamin is a negro, then it could be or stand to reason that the mother MIGHT have been a negro from Barbados. Maybe she died and one of these guys in 1813 just went to Barbados and the mother died and just brought the child (Benjamin) back to Bath Maine. Registered his birth in Maine. Maybe this is why they made the illegal trip to Barbados. I'm thinking out loud! Any ideas?
Where was Benjamin Green buried?
According to Phippsburg vitals his death is cited as from the gravestone record, "Rye Field" Burying Ground, Stony Brook Road. That is at the north end of Phippsburg. I was on that road a few days ago but don't recall a cemetery. I'll have to ask my Phippsburg contacts where it might be.
That would really be helpful. Thanks.


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