There were two main factions of this family; there was one on the coast and one in Buckfield, Me. The Buckfield Lowells I can trace through books (which I have) and they left there went to Litchfield and two of the brothers married into the Smith family and moved to Lee, ME. I am seeking additional information on how and when Thomas Lowell left MA and came to Portland, ME. I would also like documentation on marriages between Lowell, Thomas and Smith, Rachel. Any information would be great.

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Hi, Don't know if you have solved this problem, but do know there are still Lowells in Buckfield. Think they have a lumber company there. The Town Office could help you, I'm sure. Also, you might check Mass. Vital Records for Thomas Lowell and Rachel Smith -- they may have married before moving to Portland.
Lowell Family also from North Penobscot, Maine, Hancock County. Elmer&Elma, Husband and wife still living in old homestead. Research family genealogy at www.penobscot-maine/genelogy and also look around the site for family surnames, Lowell.
There were Lowell who moved to Princeton, MN. Fred Lowell was born in Whitneyville, ME/ area. Maybe related? During the era of the Homestead Act, after the "War of the Rebellion", as my family called it......Fred Lowell moved to MN about 1870.

I am descended from the Litchfield bunch, but I've found records for a whole lot of places in Oxford County with other family members. I'd be interested in anything you turn up.

I THINK you can find some useful information in the "History of Litchfield, Maine", published in 1885.  It has a section on the Lowell family beginning on page 208.  A direct link to that page is Lowell Family.


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