Luther Fox b. 1804 Porter, Oxford, ME had a daughter named Elizabeth. She married twice. She and her 2nd husband moved to Winnebago, IL.  In researching Luther and his father I ran across a book by the Chicago Publishing Company with a few paragraphs about Elizabeth Fox Whittle pages 722-23 and is in Univ of MI library.  It gave her fathers name, which I already knew, but also said he was the son of Edwin Fox.  It said Edwin was born in New England and descended from England. I know from Luthers death info that his father was born in NH. No mother was given and no other info on Edwin.

If anyone has info on this Edwin Fox b. NH I would love to hear from you.

Nancy Norton-Nix

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I don't see evidence of an Edwin Fox living in Porter, but an Edward Fox is mentioned in the town history. His wife was Olive Chapman. They were residents of Gilmanton, N.H. when they married in Belmont in 1785, and lived in Porterfield, Maine, in 1800. John and Elijah Fox also lived in Porter around that time—possibly brothers of Edward.

This unsourced tree gives Edward and Olive as Luther's parents.

 I haven't been able to find an Edwin either.  I just found that one ref in the book on Winnebago, IL by Chicago Publishing Co.  The ref was from the Univ of MI library.  Before I found the name Edwin I was thinking it was Edward and Olive.  

Thanks Chris.



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