Hello! I'm brand new here so I sure hope I'm posting in the correct place. I'm trying to get information on my great-grandmother, Margaret Dunham. I can not find any birth records on her, nor birth records on her "Papa", Daniel M. Dunham (1829-1900).

Daniel was married to Myra A. Conant until he became widowed (TB illness) and later married Abbie N. Carlisle (1837-1913). Abbie was previous married to a Robshaw prior to her marriage to Daniel.

Margaret is listed on the Bangor 1900 census as Abbie's adopted daughter. She is listed on the 1910 census just as "daughter." There appear to be two other children that show up at Abbie's house in the 1910 census that she lists as "son" although Abbie is an elderly widow at that point. 

Daniel's parents were Israel Dunham (1796-1843) and Lydia Marrow (1802-1865). 

They are all from the Berlin, Oxford, Bangor, Penobscot areas. Also, Frank Lester Pullen (1891-1961) is Margaret's nephew. He was originally a Dunham by birth. His mother died and he went to live with his aunt (another Dunham woman by birth), who had married a Pullen.

Margaret married my grandfather, Lew B. Cort Jr. (still living), son of Lew B. Cort Sr. (1891-1966), son of Fred Cort (1955-1932) and Evie Woodman (1967-1942). 

I sure hope that some of that might help. I am desperate to find Margaret's origin and I've been brick-walled for quite some time now. I have a few of her personal items that were passed down but there's not much more to go on. Neither her nor my grandfather talked very much about their childhoods, nor their extended families. Gramps (Lew B. Cort Jr.) does remember her mentioning the Penobscot Tribe and he believes that she told him she had some family there. I do have an early photo (a few weeks old) of Margaret that is on Bangor stock and she always said she was born in Bangor. She, Daniel and Abbie all lived on Valley Avenue.

I'm really hoping that some of you Maine genealogists might be able to help me out. Thank you so much in advance!

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Died Mar-04-1900 in BANGOR, ME. Buried at MT HOPE CEMETERY on Mar-08-1900.
Age at Death 70 Years 6 months 21 days


Died in BANGOR, ME on Jan-13-1915. Buried at MT HOPE CEMETERY on Jan-03-1915. WID OF DANIEL M.

Age at Death76 Years

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