Looking for any info on Margaret M Willette/ ? married to Carl V.Plaisted 1952 she was born 1919 in millinocket.

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I only vaguely remember Oakley. I remember how badly my father wanted to know who his family was. I remember thinking we had absoutely no relatives at all, except Ma Mere and her siblings on my mothers side. I had to learn about cousins and aunts and uncles from friends who had them. My father felt his father was a cruel and mean person who also died young, shortly after I was born. Somewhere at my sister's is picture of my father and Peggy from a trip we took long ago. Bits and pieces

Trudy June died several years ago.  Peggy and Trudy stayed with my family for some time after Peggy had her.  This was during WWII, and we had moved to Portland for the duration of the war so that my father could work in the shipyards.

Peggy was crippled.  I do not know the cause, but, as a child, she had had several surgeries on her back with bone grafts inserted.  Her back was deformed as a result, and she was shorter than normal.  Perhaps there was a genetic flaw that manifested itself in your being born with missing fingers. 


Patricia,  I would really like to fill kathy in on her family,if she woul like to know.  I didn't realize that you felt out of the loop, too.  There were 4 1st cousin girls, Peggy, my sister, Lois, Evelyn, and Jane.  They were all the first born of the 4 sisters.  Lois is my half-sister, and she is 6 years older than I, so I really wasn't part of their group, just a tag-along.  If you want me to tell you what I know of Mathias and Velma, I will do so.  I just want you to know up front that it is not complimentary to him, or my grandmother, Lucy Oakes, Velma's mother.  The Oakes clan were the products of their upbringing, and were not a happy or productive group, for the most part, although I believe that was due to their Harvey side rather than the Oakes side.   

I must have known at least that much, in his later years, my father began to drink and he drank until the day he died and never left his 5 children a legacy of any kind. Maybe I mean a heritage. I would like to know what made him the way he was. Thank you, I would like to know about our family.

Patricia, I will write you a history of the Oakes-Harvey family as I know it,  I will not put it on the internet.  If you will give me your address, I will mail it to you.  Joyce

Patricia Hartley Reed

3432 State Road 580  #124

Safety Harbor, FL 34695


My brother Wesley, who is 16 yrs my junior lived with and near the family in Maine for many years. I know that he probably knows much of what you have to share. But (having been the last child at home, except for Catherine who was retarded), he seems to have inherited my father's somewhat Edwardian sense of morals. He doesn't talk much. Thank you.

Patricia, I am working on the family history.  I am waiting to get a photo from my older sister so that I can copy it for you.  It is of Peggy, my sister, Lois, Hazel's daughter Evelyn, and Caroline's daughter, Jane.  It was taken when they were teenagers.  Also, I am waiting for my younger sister, Harriet,  to send me a copy of a newspaper article about my grandfather and your great-grandfather, John Oakes done after his death.  It is a terrific piece, and it indicates that he was a well-loved and respected man.  

Thank you.

hello ,

I am Lisa (Plaisted) Currier. My mother was Trudy June Plaisted. I am at this very moment looking at all of my grandfathers (Carl Plaisted) war papers. I have his discharge papers, pictures, odd stuff. I have birth certificates and death certificates. I have my mothers baby sisters death certificate, birth certificate. Trafton and Harris birth certificates. Hand written letters of sorrow over my mothers sisters death. A storkgram from when she was born. A devorce order from Helen Plaisted. All stuff my mother had that now Im glad I kept. I have family I have never met or even heard of. My mom kept her family and everything else a secret from me, all but Margarette, Harris and trafton are the only ones I can remember knowing. Trafton moved to Arizona a few years ago, last I knew Harris in in Conn.


Margarette was my grandmother. Nice to meet you

my grandmother margarette plaisted (willette) was born dce.31 1919, father was Eugene Willette, mother was Thelma Oakes. She died feb 1,1980 and is buried in the Woodlawn Cemetary in Westbrook Maine. She married Carl Victor Plaisted on may 17,1952.( after he divorced Helen L. Plaisted on April 5,1952) ( i have the marriage certificate and the licenses of both) on July 8,1953 they had Trafton Richard Plaisted. I also have the birth certificate for Jill Albena Plaisted, born July 2,1954, she died in 1955.I donot have her death certificate just a handwritten letter to carl and peggie from brother john expressing his sympathy. Trudy June Plaisted (my mother) was born on feb 3, 1944 (carl wasnt her birthfather)adopted by him aug27,1954.He is listed as her father on b.certificate but he was not. (Donot know her birthfather) I donot know the birth dates of Harris or Claudia.


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