I talked to my mom (Diane St. Pierre) and she stated Rose Petitgrew was born about 1902 and died on 17 Oct 1950. I can't find a death record on SSDI or Ancestry. I am still trying to figure out her last true last name and that of her parents. Rose was married with the last name of Langlois to Henri St. Pierre but her listing for the Saint Peter Cemetry in Lewiston, Maine was Petitgrew. As always any help is appreiciated.

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Here is Rose's obituary from the Lewiston Daily Sun of 18 Oct. 1950:

Here is the family of Jovide and Celina Pettigrew living in St. Paul de la Croix, Quebec, in 1911. Rose's birth date is given as July 1905. The marriage record of another of their daughters gives Celina's maiden name as Ouellette.

One of Rose's brothers married a Langlois in 1904.

Any luck on finding a marriage record? My aunt said she thinks Rose's father was Elois? Langlois and her mom was Georgine Petitgrew (daughter of Jovide and Celina). My aunt Sue thinks Rose was married as a Langlois. 1st marriage maybe? Thanks for all the info.

This PDF file of marriages at St. Peter and Paul Church in Lewiston has the following entry for Henri and Rose:



Date: 13-Feb 1927

Groom's Parents: ST.PIERRE Alfred & Zephirine Paulin

Bride's Parents: LANGLOIS Eloi & Georgine Pettigrew

Rose's parents, Jovide and Celina, were quite old when she was born. I'm wondering if her parents passed away when she was young and she was adopted by her older sister Georgine. Georgine was 30 years old and not yet married in 1911, and may not have had children of her own.

If you review Henri and Rose in these church records, they have Rose's last name as Pettigrew when it is listed as brides/grooms parents. How would I find the adoption record?

Yes, it looks like she identified herself as a Langlois when she married, but later reverted to Pettigrew. If she was in fact taken in by her sister, the adoption or guardianship might not have been officially recorded. If it was recorded, and it happened in Maine, the record would probably be found in county probate records. If it was recorded in Quebec, I'm not sure where the record would be found, or whether the record would be open for inspection.

Two other ideas for further research: Find Rose's border crossing record (FamilySearch has an index; Ancestry.com has images); and check the 1921 Canadian census (due for release later this year) to see if she was living with the Langlois family, and whether she is called their daughter, adopted daughter, sister, etc.

Hi Vicki, I have some information that might help. I looked at my mothers birth certificate and Rose is listed as
Rose Petigrew. My mother was born in 1929 to Henri and Rose. George St. Pierre is my uncle. Pauline St. Pierre sent me the family history and It says Rose Langlois. My mother said that her mothers was Rose Eva Petigrew and always referred to her mother by that name. Rose mothers name is Georgine Petigrew and was married to a man by the last name of Demers. Georgine's father name is Jovide Petigrew and his wife Cilina Ouellette. Georgine was not married when she had Rose.
I won't get into the story behind it on the web. I'm the oldest grandson on the St. Pierre side. My mother was the first one to get married. My mother was raised in Biddeford by Geogine. As a child I remember going to your grand parents home in Lewiston. If you would like my e mail I can send it to you. My mother Beatrice Chretien passed away on January 16, 2015.
She will be interned in Biddeford on June 8, 2015. The family history was always hidden and nobody ever talked about it. I do have pictures of Rose, Georgine, and the rest of the family.

Take care

Hi Richard, Vicki is my wife. She cant remember her log on stuff for this site. I am wondering if you could email her any of the family info, or email it to me. Vicki is on Facebook if you want to connect with her directly.

Hi Scott, I'm the oldest grandchild of Rose. My mother's name is Beatrice ( St. Pierre ) Chretien. I just made a collage for my mothers wake. I have some photo's on my computer. I have a lot of pictures in albums. I can share the photo's that I have. If Vicki wants certain pictures, I will look for them and send them. Let me know the information she wants and I will try and answer her questions. Would you prefer I send you or Vicki the information. I'm also on Facebook. My name is Richard Chretien. I don't live in Maine, but will be in Maine for three weeks in June for my mothers wake.

Take care

Vicki would love any pictures that you are willing to share. Also if you had any family info and/or stories about that you could share. My email is scottmorgan1979@yahoo.com, Vicki's is uniquecountrygirl222@yahoo.com though she hardly checks it.


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