Mary Ann C.Rundlett was born in Wiscasset in 1803. She married a Phillip Cushing in Boston in 1824. Seven years latter she married Hezekiah Colby who was from Westport Maine. Would like to know more about Mary Ann. The Loring and Cushing ancestry are very close. Thanks for any assistance

Bob Loring

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Hi my name is Ann. I am the 5th great grand daughter of Mary C and Philip Cushing. I have a bit on her but am running in circles with her family line. I contacted a professional genealogist in Wiscasset Maine to try and help me verify who her family really was. I have documents showing she was born a Colby. Her father being Nehemiah Colby and was the brother to her second husband Hezekiah Colby. I also have a copy of the Rundlett line. The Cushing family book shows only her name and no other info is given about her family. SO here is what I have in a nut shell. Mary (Ann) C Rundlett was born in Wiscasset Maine. She married Philip Cushing in Boston Mass. on 29 Feb 1824. they had 2 children Mary Ann and Hosea (my line). Philip died Oct 1826 Shortly after Hosea was born. on Nov. 17 1830 She married Hezekiah Colby at Boston Mass. He died shortly after this at sea in Indonesia. They also had 2 sons, william wallace born 1830 and Huzzah Colby who later legally changed his name to Charles Hezekiah Colby (many ASSUME he changed it to Charles because Mary C Rundlett's last husbands name in part was Charles. (many of her grandchildren also had part of his name in their names). After Hezekiah died, Mary was said to have married a Joseph M Berry on 3 Sep 1835. He got into trouble with the law and ran away never to be heard from again. After 7 years she was legally divorced and she then married William Charles or Charles William Marden who she remained married to until his death. She was admitted to Boston Farms Almshouse where she died 14 Aug 1880. She died from Brights disease. Her Death Certificate is under the name of Mary C Marden. and it shows the wrong Fathers last name. I have traced her posterity quite far. I am just stuck on finding any verification of her parentage and history before she met Philip. If anyone can help me with this information it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks so much Ann P Rueckert


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