I'm looking for information about my great grandfather.  He was born on Aug 14, 1881.  He married Clarice Bosse on July 31, 1916. (both of these took place in St. Agatha).   I'm looking for a birth or baptismal certificate that would have his parents names.  He was the "seventh son".

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St. Agatha in 1881 was part of Frenchville, and part of the Ste. Luce parish. The Ste. Luce parish records have been microfilmed, and are part of the Drouin Collection at Ancestry.com. But it appears that there is a gap in the baptism records between 1880 and 1896. Both Frenchville and St. Agatha now belong to the Our Lady of the Valley parish in Frenchville, so presumably the original records are kept there.

Frenchville town records have also been microfilmed, but it looks like the only vital records available are marriages.

Your best bet might be to obtain his marriage record to Clarice, which should have his parents' names. The index gives the date as 25 June 1906, and if correct, you should be able to order the record from the state archives. Given the new law that recently went into effect, if they were married in 1916, you might have to establish your relationship to the couple to get a copy of the record.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! As much as I appreciate technology, I'm old enough to find comfort in a response from a real person. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your time to help a complete stranger. I will certainly follow your advice, keeping my fingers crossed the information is available.
You're very welcome! Good luck with your research!
My great Grandmother was Agnes Saucier Born 1884 in Frenchville Maine which is right next to St. Agatha. Her parents were Antoine Saucier and Anastasie Pelletier.
My grandfather Clarence Joseph Collin was born in St. Agatha in 1914. Most of my family are from that area maybe we are related?
Yes!!!! How cool! My great grandfather, Maxim Saucier, is Agnes' brother. Since posting the original message, I've been able to find out more information. I have the names and birthdates of all of the siblings, information about Antoine and Anastasie, and tons of information (stories) about Maxim and his life in Topsham, Maine. For example, he lived to be just a month shy of his 100th birthday. I would love to trade stories with you if you are so inclined. I don't know the best way to contact you without sharing all my personal info (address) with anyone else who might read these messeges. I would certainly be willing to continue corresponding through this forum, but again, I would need to edit information about relatives who are still living. I'm so happy I posted that question- even though it felt like a shot in the dark at the time I posted it. I don't know why I'm so excited, but there's no denying it. It's not like I don't have a zillion relatives- I come from a French Catholic family... Anyhow, thanks for responding. I'll continue to check my e-mails for your response. (Even though you can't see me, I'm grinning like a monkey.)
Joyce, you can exchange private messages with anyone on the Network so long as they are your "friend." Just go to a member's profile by clicking on his profile picture. Then select "Send a Private Message" from the menu on the left.

Thanks again! Joyce
My email address is golanv_igvyi@gpcom.net
Still hoping to hear from you. My email is golanv_igvyi@gpcom.net

Chris Durham stated earlier there appears to be a gap in the records which is not necessarily so.  The Institut Drouin did copies some of the records to 1943 which appears to have gaps but they did these for the centennial of the parish, but the records that are also from the beginning through 1910 are all of the baptisms, marriages and burials contain all the records intermingled as they occurred.  I have enclosed the record of his birth as it appeared in the register.  Please note Fr. Charles Sweron never put the date of birth or death in the baptism or burial record.  The year of the baptism is for Maxime is 1881.


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