I am researching my family tree and have come up against a road block.  My great, great grandfather is Frank E McClellan.  He was born in Gorham, Cumberland County in  February, 1867. I am hoping that someone may be able to assist me in finding his parents - Charles E McClellan and Elizabeth Sawtelle born in 1838 - Maine.  My mother indicated that there is some talk regarding the Daughters of the Revolution in our history and also that we are some how related to George B. McClellan.  Any and all information is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!  Rita Nicholson

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Hi Rita,

I think we might be searching for the same people.  My dad's grandmother was named Beulah McClellan Nicholson (of Wallace, ID).  Beulah's parents were Frank E McClellan and Alice Mae Willet McClellan.  I believe Charles E and Elizabeth S. McClellan were Beulah's grandparents.  I just started researching family history due to a project I have to complete for a Psychology class I am taking.  Do any of these names sound familiar to you?  April (Nicholson) Wheeler 

Oh my goodness April!  We are related!  My grandmother is Beulah and her husband was James.   Is your father's name Michael? 


Also, perhaps we could be of help in to one another in our searches.  I have gone back as far as the early 1500's on one side of Beulah's tree and have found many relatives in North Carolina.  There has been a rumor of being related to General McClelland, but I have not found that link.  Frank's grandfather was named George and that may have been where that rumor stared. I'm not sure.   He was a cooper (a barrel maker). 

Wow! What a small world lol. Yes, my dad is Michael! If Beulah and James are your grandparents, then you must be my dad's cousin? Are you also from Wallace?  I'm very glad to meet you :-).  I'll be sure to let my dad know that I "bumped" into you. I would be very interested in learning more about our family tree.  Would you mind sharing about what your searches have turned up?  I have also been trying to find information about great great grandpa Michael E. Nicholson, but haven't found much, other than some census records and that he was born in Illinois.

 Yes, I am your  father's cousin, Rita.  He and I are actually one month apart in age.  Our families used to be so very close and always had great fun together.  When I look at your picture, I can see my wonderful Aunt Sylvia.  She was such a beautiful woman inside and out.  If you are on Facebook, I will be happy to friend you and send you to an invite from my Archives page.  There are about 400 people on that tree.  Most of them are from Beaulah's side as she has been in the United States the longest and that is the part of the tree that is easiest to find.  I have gathered my sources from several different data basis, but mostly from the Archives data base.   I have been able to find out Grandpa Jim's parents and their marriage certificate from Wyoming.  His wife's name was either Ellen or Ellena Sloan.  I believe.  I haven't looked at that side for awhile. 

I will warn you though about my FB page.  I am a democrat and I have many polical statements on it, other than that, I pretty harmless and down to earth.   

Looking forward to getting to know you better and give my love to your parents. 

Thank you! I always thought the same about my grandma Sylvia.  She was one of my very favorite people.  I was so blessed with both my grandpa Gene and grandma Sylvia.  He had a real gift for storytelling and she had the best jokes; my brother and I used to count down the days until our visits with them.  I spoke with my mom last night and shared about meeting you here, she said, "Oh yeah, Rita is your dad's cousin!"  My dad was already asleep last night, but I will catch him before he goes to bed this evening. 

I look forward to getting to know you as well.  I do have a Facebook.  I'll see if I can find you and send a friend request. In the event that I cannot locate you, I am listed as April Wheeler, residing in Silver City, NM.  I am excited to check out your archive page, it's awe inspiring to think about the extensiveness of our family history.  :-)




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