does anyone have info on mercy webber aho married isaac stover in york in 1767 i believe she was birn in 1735 in york daughter of benjamin webber?thank you ed mccarren

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HI Ed,
I have Benjamin Webber b 4/26/1725 who married Mary Newcomb of Harpswell, thier child was male: Jessie Webber who married Alice Harmon. I do not know if there were other siblings or not. Benjamin's father was Waitstill Webber. I sent you a friend request and have a Webber Family site on

Update: IF Mercy were b in 1735, that would make my Benjamin 10 years old when she was born..:) I am guessing my Benjamin is not the one you are seeking..
Hi Ed - I have a Martha Webber ( b 1739) daughter of Benjamin Webber (d/o/b 2 June 1690) and Martha Day Wells, York, Maine. Some other trees I have seen list Benjamin's 1st wife as Mehitable Allen. They had 8 or more children 1 of whom listed as Mercy born variously 1735, 1736. Maybe yours? I have a Samuel Webber and Deborah Littlefield as his parents. Hope this helps. Donna
Ed - Did some further looking on this. On roots web site found Isaac Stover b. 3 June 1697 in Gloucester, Essex County,  Mass. He married a Mercy Young in York Me Oct 1767. But this was her 3rd marriage; first to a Gersham Walker; 2nd to a SAMUEL WEBBER; 3rd to Isaac. So possible Webber her second married name not maiden. According to record I found she was born 1 January 1713/14, in York, Maine. This was cited as coming from NEHGR book pg 85:303. Her mother listed as being born in Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. So here's another avenue. - Donna

Hi Donna,


  It sounds like you know a lot about the Webber family from Maine.  I am trying to find the parents of Benjamin F Webber born April 15 1817 and married to Elvira Hussey.  If you have any information that can help me with this I would greatly appreciate it!  Thank you so much.


Hi Andrea --

Don't really know all that much just really enjoy the "hunt" and have a lot of time. That said did some "hunting" after receiving your e-mail; found the following:

     Benjamin F. Webber  b. April 15, 1817 Vassalboro, Kennebec, Maine

                                       d. 24 November 1882 China or Vassalboro, Kennebec, Maine 

                               buried: Chadwick Hill Cemetery, So. China, Kennebec, Maine

     Parents: Benjamin Webber & Lydia H. Bailey, marr. 27 June 1805, Pittston, Kennebec, Maine

                  Did not find a d/o/b for this Benjamin Webber; Found d/o/b of Lydia as 27 Feb 1788, died 1834

     This Benjamin's parents found as Charles B. Webber  b. June 1741, Old York, Maine

                                                       &  Hannah Call (Cole) b. 20 Dec 1744 in Amesbury, Essex, Mass.

                                                                (birth listed on Early Vital Records of Mass site)

     Charles Webber's Parents: Joseph Webber b. 1702, York, ME

                                                                            marr: Mary Lewis, 13 April 1726, York, York, Maine


Please note, found no primary sources for this info. Did find Benjamin (b. 1817) in 1860, 1870, & 1880 censuses in Maine. Other info I found was from other family trees on Roots Web site and through Family Search. Hope this is helpful. Can go back a bit further on Webbers but didn't want to get into whole thing if this is not your branch. If it is your branch appears we have common ancestor as Joseph's father is Samuel who is grandfather of my Martha. Good hunting -  Donna

Thank you Donna,


  I am still trying to find an actual source that says the parents of Benjamin F Webber.  I have seen Benjamin and Lydia listed in family trees but with no sources I am not willing to put it in my tree.  Thank you very much for you help. 



  Andrea -

Have a couple of those myself. Will keep your search in mind in my travels. Do you use Google Books at all in your searching? I have found a number of genealogical references there in family and town histories. Many of them available for download for free as out of copyright. I will keep your quest in mind as I go along.


- Donna


Not only is there no primary source documenting Benjamin Webber and Lydia Baileys lives... there are no burial sites for Benjamin Webber and Lydia Bailey.....several of Charles Webber and Hannah Calls chldren left for  Michhigan, and the part of New York that faces Lake ERie.....I've begun to wonder if Benjamin either abandoned his family and followed some of the older siblings to the new territories or died in route or maybe while visiting one of his sibilings? If Lydia Bailey died 1834, she had to have been 48 -53....that

s pretty young...and maybe caused wanderlust in Benjamin...But whrere is Lydia Bailey Webber buried????Its noteworthy that all the other generations of Webbers of his line are buried in the cemeteries right around Vassalboro and China...

Andrea, This is such an old post from you. I will consider myself quite lucky to get a response.

I am the third great granddaughter of Benjamin F. Webber m. to Elvira Hussey through his son, Oren Prescott Webber m. Robina Gerrard.....

I have tried forever to connect Benjamin F. Webber to Benjamin Webber supposed son of Charles Webber and Hannah Call.   I do have some recent evidence...If you are still around, I will tell you more...

Hi Ed,

   This is Regina. We have shared information before..

   Isaac Stover born 6-3-1697- died 8-3-1788 to Mercy Young b 1-25-1714- d 1794 daughter of Mathew and Eleanor Haines.. Mercy married 1st Gershom Webber b 1711- 1757...married Mercy 7-14-1736 in York .Gershoms father is Samuel Webber and Elizabeth Young. Mercy married Isaac 10 1767 in York. olny child listed is Jeremiah Stover born c 1770. As my notes state..

There is also a Gershom Webber who married a Susannah Stover this Gershom maybe the son of Samuel and Elizabeth Webber.

 I didn't know there was a third marriage I only found 2 ...I ams careful with the NEHGR book as some of their info is mixed up or omitted always nothing is 100  0/0 correct except when listed VR or from family.




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