Searching for any info on the women and children employed by the mills in Lewiston, (e.g. employee lists, photos, etc...)

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What era? There are some great pictures of young workers at the Lewiston mills in 1909 in the Hine Collection. Here's a photograph from 1916.

Museum LA, the Androscoggin Historical Society, the Lewiston Public Library, and perhaps the library at Bates College might have more photographs and records.
Thank you, Chris! I had totally forgotten about that particular photo, as well as Bate's College. The era is right on, 1880's to 1940's. I've also forgotten about the Hine Collection and I'll take another look at that, it's been a long time. Thanks, again Chris!!
While researching your question, I found this blog with photographs of Lewiston millworkers in 1973. Interesting to see how things changed over the years.
Especially Interesting is the child labor laws and how they've changed in the 1900's, also the need for the children of large Franco-American families to work in order for them to survive and make a new beginning, here. I can't seem to find a connection between the mills and my branches of the Ouellette and Fredette families in Androscoggin Co. That was a cool Blog! I liked the photo of the one at Oxford Plains. It's only up the road from where I grew up. Thank you, again Chris!
Yeah, I wish that couple in Oxford was identified. I wonder if they live in the area.
I know the name of a single employee, but I do not have a LIST of names. Perhaps the Lewiston Evening Journal or Lewiston Sun would have some sort of listing.
silas cobb my great great grand father wasin a mill but not sure wherehe worked in a coal mill as a chils as im child labour
ROBERT STEWART 1880 census worked in cotton mill. @ age 17 but fact is his birth was 1865 so he was only 15


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