1. Correction:  Daniel, James and Joseph were not sons of Capt. Philip Hubbard,  They were instead his nephews, the sons of his brother Joseph.

2. Their brothers Philip and Samuel also served in the war - both initially at Bunker Hill.  Philip subsequently served at Kittery Point in 1776, while Samuel (along with Daniel) was in the Northern Army at Saratoga in 1777.

3. The Bible record written by Aaron Hubbard Jr. of Shapleigh states that his uncles Moses and Stephen were both "lost at sea in the time of the Revolutionary war."  (No further details.)  I have not found anything further about the fate of Stephen.  Perhaps he did indeed die at sea, rather than on a prison ship.

4. Stephen is usually listed as the youngest child of Capt, Philip, born about 1770.  That cannot be, as he would then have been too young to have served in the war.  The Bible record cited above lists Capt. Philip's sons in what clearly is their birth order.  Stephen is listed between "Moses & Aaron Twins" and Richard, so, given that the former were born in 1753 and the latter in 1760, while their sister Sarh was born in 1756, Stephen was probably born in 1758.

Edward G. Hubbard  Feb. 25, 2017

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