I’ve got a long-time stumper for you all. One of my ancestors, Thomas Maling (1797-1862), married Mary Locke Howard (1798-1870) on 26 November 1818 in Falmouth/Portland, Cumberland County. Mary’s father appears to be a ship master named Moses Howard / Hayward, somehow related (in my mind, anyway) to the Hingham and Cohasset, Massachusetts Howards. I’ve got his birth year sometime in the 1767-1769 time frame and his death perhaps 1813. Moses seems to appear in only a few records in the region. He seems to have married Elizabeth Whitten (1777-1830) in 1795 in Arundel, York County. Moses’ parents may be Gideon (1742/3-1812) and Lydia Cushing (1738-?). My query is: is Moses of the Hingham/Cohasset Howards or is he from elsewhere? TIA

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