I am looking for my ancestors Moses Peaslee/Peasley and Mary Messer.  They were married in Lincoln, Maine but I am not sure if it is the city or the county.  Mary died after my great great grandfather Isaac was born.  Isaac was born on March 23, 1802 and she died 14 days later according to the information passed down to Isaac Cone and his wife Susan Davis who raised him.  The Cones and and Peaslees were both at Coldstream in 1833-34.  We don't know why Isaac Carroll was given to them by Moses.  The Cones never changed his name, he stayed a Peaslee.  We have his parent's names on his marriage certificate but no other information. The Cones moved to Wisconsin and settled in Vernon county where Isaac lived the remainder of his life.   I have searched for two years for them following every Moses I can find.  I also cannot find where Mary was buried or a death notice for her. I did find some of her family buried in Enfield but not her.   Any help would be so appreciated.  Thanks 

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This is the document appointing Isaac Cone of Lowell guardian of Isaac C. Peasley, "a minor heir of Moses Peasley late of Lincoln in said County of Penobscot," the last Tuesday of March 1842. And this is the guardian's bond, signed by Isaac Cone and others.

Thanks Chris.  What a wonderful present to have a copy of these 2 documents.  I wasn't sure if Moses handed over Isaac to the Cone's because he didn't feel he could care for a baby or if he also died.  From this document that question is answered and  I at least have a time frame for his death.  Also, it stated that Cone and others who signed the 2nd document were all in Lowell, ME at that time.  Another clue.  Today, I am online trying to find a trace of Moses' and Marys' gravesite.  I found some of Mary's family buried in Enfield, but no sign of her.   I can't thank you enough for your response. 

I am interested in your post of Moses Peaslee. I am a gg-granddaughter to Isaac Peaslee and had his father being married to a Harriet Richardson after his first wife pasted away. But I now see that is not true. I was so happy to see the guardianship papers also. Now to find out who is father and mother were and if he had siblings.

Hi Linda, so glad to hear from a family member of Isaac's.  After Chris Dunham posted Isaacs' guardianship papers, I was able to find his parents and to trace the line back several generations.  I have a lot of information on Isaac including a pic of him and his wife Laura King and most of their children.  I also have the information on Mary Messer, wife to Moses.  What I can't find is where they are buried.  Several of Mary's family members including her parents are buried in Enfield but neither she nor Moses are listed there.  

I have everything on ancestry.  If you want to share your email address with me I will send you an invite and you are welcome to everything I have.  I was born in Wisconsin where Isaac spent most of his life.  His granddaughter Julia Peaslee is my grandmother.  I'm wondering where you fit in.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

So glad to here from you. His granddaughter Hazel Peaslee Is my grandmother. I also was born in Wisconsin and have lived here all my life. My email is la.lezotte@gmail.com. My info is on ancestry too but it is public so you can see anytime. Thank you for your reply! It always seemed that Moses and his 2nd family never fit in and now I know why!!



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