Hello all! I'm doing some extensive research on the life and work of Mrs. W. Wallace Brown - wife of the Indian Agent W. Wallace Brown. I have some preliminary information on her (thanks to some amazing people here actually) like that her name is Louise Augusta Warner of Calais, Maine. She collaborated with Jesse Fewkes on his work with the Passamaquoddy and ended up giving a large portion of her material collection to Charles Godfrey Leland. I'm trying to track where her manuscripts, field notes, and material collections have gone to - whether it's to another anthropologist or to family (I have been unable to establish if she had siblings or children). I will be continuing to work here and can post more info as I go, but if anyone else is working on this I'd love to collaborate!

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Grandmother Edith Cottrell Brown...father James Henry Brown Red Beach/ Calais mentions "an Indian" ancestor...all I know

Not much hel...but interested insearch..LiveRovhester Ma where Pigwacketts were located bya Boston court after Fr/Ind War Me. Carol W Higgins(Carol Temple Waite)

eply below Rahnsie


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