Would anyone have any information on Nathaniel Johnson who was married to Nancey Sebastian, b. March 18, 1780 and d. February 20, 1852.  He lived in Saco, Maine.  Would like to know where he was born and WHO his parents were.  I have searched numerous books, etc., to no avail.  I can get no further in my family tree.  I have a paper from the library that someone typed that states that his father was James Johnson/w. "Sally."  Cannot verify this either.  I have family documents from Nathaniel Johnson, Jr. up to present day but nothing beyond Nathaniel Sr.

Any light anyone can shed on this family would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you much.



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I would love to see some of your information on Nathaniel Johnson.  I'm trying to find out my ancestor, Charles H. Johnson, supposedly in Maine in the early 1800s, and have gotten a great-big fat "O".  I know Charles and Margaret had a Charles W. Johnson, b. October 8, 1842 and Charles had a Walter Johnson, who was my g-grandfather!  While researching my Charles H. Johnson, I have gotten the run-a-round.  In my research, I found (which I am trying to find because it may help you) but I found in a 1826-or27 law record about a Peter Johnson and Nathaniel Johnson who were ship captains from Bath, Maine.  They took a load of potatoes to the island of Bermuda or Barbadoes and because it was during the War of 1812, they were arrested and sent to Australia for a short time.  The description of these men were extremely tall and blonde.  I'm trying to find the journal that has that in it.  I don't know whether that might be of interest to you or whether you even know the story.  The same problem you are having is what I am having.  There are Johnson's that are blonde, Johnson's that are black and Johnson's that were indian.  I was always told I was related to the Indian, Sir William Johnson who married Molly Brant and had children that went to Canada just before the Revolutionary War.  However, this Sir William Johnson also had other children (half-breeds) that were scattered in New England. I don't know who my Charles is, but I do know that there are alot of discreptancies in the Johnson Line, because the English edited the biographies of certain people so history wouldn't know that alot of these Englishmen had children with Indians and Blacks.  I'm running into the same problem with my heritage in Maine!  

I don't know whether you are on Ancestry, I am, and I found in the Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988 Record for Nathaniel Johnson a Nathaniel Johnson as a child to Ebenezer Johnson and Prudence, no last name (of course!) b. January 7, 1779.  I have uploaded that record for you. 

I also found a Nathaniel married to a Nancy Cordwell, 1815, Nancy Pellum 1838, Nancy Rider 1811, Nancy Kider, 1811

One other person is Researching the same:  Nathaniel Johnson married to Nancy Sebastian, with one child Eliza Johnson.  No parents to Nathaniel or Nancy, not even a marriage record. 

I did find the marriage license - well the intention of marriage of Nathaniel and Nancy, I have attached also. Town of Pepperborough.  There actual marriage was August 21, 1800. I have attached that also. 

I'll look, who knows, maybe we are cousins!!!!! 


Diane:  Poor you!.  Thank you sooooo much for your research.  My Johnson relatives are not the same as cited above.  My Charles H. Johnson was my ggrandfather b. January 1852 and died July 5, 1928.  He had a son also Charles W. Johnson b. October 20, 1876 and d. April 14,  1937.  I have the death certificates.  As for Eliza Johnson, d. of Nathaniel and Nancey, she IS his daughter, however, there were eight other children born to them.  These births are recorded and appear in the First book of records of the town of Pepperellborough now Saco.  Charles H. was the son of Nathaniel Johnson Jr. and Rachel Parker.  Charles' wife was Lydia Gray from the Machiasport, Maine area.

Nathaniel's wife, "Sally", died in 1814 as a pauper (this according to the First Book).  Her husband James d. at his son William's house in Saco, Maine in 1817.  This is what I can't get beyond.  Was Sally her real name? nickname?.

I am a member also of Ancestry, and you can review my trees (four of them, Tuttle, Johnson, Blaisdell, and Pettengill). 

I am finding the research interesting but exhausting, especially when you don't have any good leads.

Please keep in touch.  If you have any questions about my trees, please contact me.


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  Be safe.


Roxanne..........Biddeford, Maine.

Here is a corruption in the Mass Records:  Nathaniel Johnson and his wife Sarah, b. 1780 (notice they took pains at stating she was born in 1780!) They have the following children.

Mary, b. 1781; Nathaniel b. 1783; Elizabeth, b. 1785; Sarah, 1786; Hannah, b.1788 ; Susan, b. 1789; Matthew, b. 1791; Moses, b. 1792; Can't read the name, b. 1794; Benjamin, 1796; Another Susan, b. 1790; Paul, b. I believe 1800. 

Now, you tell me how on earth someone who was born in 1780 could have a child born the next year!!!!!!!

I have attached the record so you could see for yourself.  And this cannot be an official record, because they didn't put all the family names together like this in official documents.  So, see the corruption with the Johnson name!


I just reviewed the listing of the Massachusetts Town Vital records, I think there is a discrepancy in the way the names were interpreted.

I see their children:

#53 as Nehemiah son of Nathaniel and Sarah his wife, born March 20, 1780   (1780 is not the birth of Sarah)

In the very early records, the names were entered as the births occurred, not in the family sequence. So the groupings could be numbered incorrectly,, the key word in the entries is do  (very difficult to read) it is meant to "mean of above parents." That's where the records get mixed up.  Not sure if this is making sense to you.

I also see 2 Paul's in the listing of children one in 1794 and 1 in 1800. Likely the first Paul died. 

Just my two cents worth

Anything I can do to help. Let me know.


I had to look at that twice -- You are absolutely correct -- Nehemiah, son of Nathaniel and Sarah his wife WAS born on March 20, 1780, which would make sense.

I stand corrected with this record!!!!!

Thanks for the correction. 


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