Hit a wall in my researh of the family of Nathaniel Richards born abt 1784 in Saco, married Jane Carl/Carll 11 Dec 1814 in Leeds, and died 25 Dec 1859 in Salem, ME.  Jane born abt 1790 in Saco and died in Salem 6 Jul 1868.  Both are buried in the Mt Adams Cemetery.

They had 7 children all born in Salem.

Liberty 1814, Freedom 1816, Rosilla and Roxanna (Twins) 1818, Ansel 1823, Florinda 1827, and Hobert 1829.

There is a birth record in the Second Church of a son born to Joseph in 1784.  I have been unable to connect any family.

My side of the family comes through Liberty, Silas, and Ralph who was my grandfather.

Any and all information or advise appreciated.



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I notice that John Richards, 63, was enumerated just before Nathaniel in 1850. Possibly a younger brother? He appears to be the John Richards whose intentions to marry Polly Thompson were published in Leeds in March 1810. He is buried in the same cemetery as Nathaniel and Jane.
Thanks, Chris.  Another place to start.  Appreciate your help.  Charlie
I am researching Daniel Richards also born in Saco. He married Prudence Carli and moved to Leeds where he, Nathaniel, and John served in the War of 1812. All three families later moved to Salem. However, while John and Nathaniel are buried in the same cemetery, Daniel is nowhere to be found. I am looking for information about his parents and his burial place. Also, I have heard the three were brothers, or two were brothers and the third a cousin. Any help would be appreciated.

Good Morning Jeanne. 

Reference to a brother "John" and cousin "David Richards" made in "Our First Old Home Day at Salem, Maine August 17, 1904.  Published 1905.  The only thing I may be able add is a reference to Daniels death/burial in Phillips.  I have not been able to find an original source.  Joseph is my likely suspect as to Nathaniels father, but found a 1784 birth of a Nathaniel to Nathaniel in Dover in 1784.William Carll also served in the Revolution.  I'll post whatever I come up with.  Stay dry, Charlie

Thank you, Charlie for the clue about Phillips. I shall pursue that. In Leeds town records, I found the record of Daniel and Prudence and the birth record of their children. The line that I am following descends from  their son, John A. Richards, who moved west in the 1860's. I have found a record of his death in the Minn. Historical Society. That record listed his parents as Daniel Richards and Prudence Carle which is how I found out about the elusive Daniel. I have solid evidence to Daniel and Prudence, but there I run into trouble. I will certainly appreciate any help.   Jeanne

Burial of Nathaniel, Jane and Hobert is in Mount Abram Cemetery

Thanks Ben.  Appreciate the help.  Charlie


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