I am trying to find documentation to connect my husband's great-great grandfather David Place Palmer to his parents.

According to my husband's grandfather's notes David Place Palmer was born in Maine 1 Sep 1832 and died 8 May 1873. I have an article in the newspaper documenting his death in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I cannot find a death certificate for him nor additional birth records. I also have documentation (Intentions of Marriage) that David Place Palmer from Brownsville, Piscataquis County, Maine married Jerusha Sutherland from Sebec, Piscataquis County, Maine - 8 Aug 1854.

Family trees I have found on Ancestry and FamilySearch list Jonathan Palmer and Roxana (Whittemore) as David Palmer's parents, but not any documentation.

Information below is documented.

Jonathan Palmer
BIRTH 18 MAY 1806 • Athens, Somerset County, ME
DEATH 5 FEB 1837 • Foxcroft, Piscataquis County, Maine

Roxana Whittemore
BIRTH 11 SEP 1805 • Hebron, Oxford, Maine, USA
DEATH 01 SEP 1834 (not documented)

Jonathan and Roxana Palmer Marriage
27 Oct 1829 • Hebron, Oxford, Maine, USA

I also would like to find their gravestones. No luck on Findagrave.

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Oxford County Deeds are sometimes helpful. Here is a link to start with. Click on "Early Books."


Here is the link to Piscataquis County deeds, login as guest works well:


Have you tried the probate records for Piscataquis? (I do realize I might be asking you if grass is green....)



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