Does anyone have any information on my great-grandmother who is my grandmother's mother here in Maine.  She was married to Merle Leavitt and has two children which it was Anna Leavitt (Bickford is her married name which it was my grandmother) and Ruth Leavitt (my aunt and her married name is Easler).  I did some research and all I find was she was a lodger staying at Frank and Eunice Small in Bangor in Maine Census in the early 1900's.  Can anyone here help me find Florence McIsaac's family tree? Thank you

Daishun Bickford

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Her marriage record apparently shows that she was the daughter of Peter and Nellie McIsaac. (Perhaps someone with an subscription can grab the images for you.)

The 1900 census shows Florence M. McIsaac living in Mattawamkeag with grandparents Michael and Ann J. Sheerin. Their daughter Nellie (Sherrin) McIsaac had died in that town in 1897 after a fall.

Thanks, Chris!

Now, I have another question:  I was told that Florence McIsaac had a son but she gave him away for adoption before she could marry her husband Merle Leavitt in 1910.  Is there any way I can try to locate her son?  What I recall her son's name was Patrick, but wasn't sure if his last name was McIsaac and maybe it was McIsaac.  Is there any way to find information on Patrick's adoption?

That might be difficult. Adoption records would be found at the county probate court. I'm not sure if records from that era would be sealed. Birth records are available and online, but illegitimate births generally don't appear in the database.


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