Hi everyone, 

I am currently working on my ancestry. I'm a descendant from Adrian Frye from Kittery. He married Sarah Hannah White, daughter of John White. He was a quaker. He had 7 children : Eleanor Frye (1668-1716) married John Brooks, William Frye (1672-1739) married Hannah Hill, Sarah Frye (1675-1727) married Nicholas Morrell, Eunice Elizabeth Frye (1678-1726) married James Thompson, Joanna Frye (1679-1723) married Thomas Mazeet, Joseph Frye (1680-1750) married Marie-Louise Bigras and finally Adrian Frye (1682-1719) married Mercy Chapman.
Joseph is my descendant. He was captured by Indians in 1695 and released in 1710 or 1711 in Longueuil, Québec, Canada. A lot of descendants live now in Québec and Ontario. 
I'm really proud to come from Maine (I don't know why, I just feel it). Is there any of you connected to my family ? That would be amazing ! 

P.S : Sorry for my english. It is not perfect. 


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Hi, Vanessa. Yes, I'm connected! I've traced my Libby family back to Adrian Frye. His son William, who married Hannah Hill, is also in my line, but that appears to be where our lines diverge. Right now, I'm trying to determine if William and Hannah's son Benjamin or a son William is the father to Rowland Frye, husband of Judith Nock. Their daughter Judith married one of several Libby relatives in 1805. I'm in Maine, where my Libby roots go back to the early 1600s and the lines seem to crisscross in multiple ways!

I, too, am somewhat of a beginner, but I've collected a lot of information, much of which I am now trying to verify and crosscheck. It can only be an occasional task to avoid being overwhelmed! Good luck!

That's great Judy ! 
I never spoke to someone out of Joseph's descendants. He was carried to Canada in 1695 and never came back to US. William was his brother. I'm trying to write a book inspired of our ancestor. I saw Libby surname quite often in Maine during my research! If you ever have any information about William and Hannah, I'd really grateful if you wanna share it with me. 
Also, I have a Facebook page about Frye/Laframboise family where I am posting articles. I talked to a woman who descend from Elizabeth (their sister!) and James Thompson.

Good luck to you, too ! 



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