I am looking for an article from local Saco newspaper  of a fatal car accident on the turnpike

back on May 14th 1971.  The fatality was a young man aged 33 named Lester Thistle.

If anyone knows how i can go about getting this information please let me know. Thanks


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Was Lester Thistle living in the area of saco at the time of death? I live in Biddeford and could ckeck out the newspapers at the locale library. please reply using monyb@myfairpoint.net. My name is Mona

no he is from Mass but did alot of Rigging business in Saco. All I know is that he fell asleep at the wheel and drove under a tractor trailer truck on the Maine turnpike in Saco.  I do know that there was an article in the paper about the accicent.

Lisa, I will go to the library this week and see if I can find the article. My home e=mail address is monyb@myfairpoint.net. I will let you know what I find Mona

thanks Mona, I would greatly appreciate that, but only do it at your convenience....

thanks again, have a good day


Here's an article from Friday, May 14, 1971, Portsmouth Herald, New Hampshire

Here's an article from the Daily Kennebec Journal 15 May 1971 (Maine)

thanks Ben, greatly appreciated. This was my dad, I was only 10 when it happened.  I thought the article  might of had more details, but this helps a great deal.....thanks again for replying...


There were also some in the Boston Herald on the 15th and 16th of May, but they didn't have any additional info either. only an address of Jackson Ave, Henderson, Everett.

I'm pretty sure I have the death notice from the Boston paper, I just thought there would be more of a story as to the accident in the Maine paper.....

There is an article that may provide an obituary  on google search. you'll have to purchase it.

try this Link to article


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