Obituary for Marie Iva Levesque Butler or Iva Levesque Butler

I am trying to find an obituary for Iva Levesque Butler born in 1903 or 1905 in New Brunswick Canada.  Married Kenneth Butler 25 Dec 1924 in Maine.  Died Nov 1987 in either Limestone Maine or Fort Fairfield Maine.  Any help would be appreciated.

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I can't help with the obituary, but I can confirm that Iva died Nov. 7, 1987 in Caribou.
Thanks Chris. I guess that her obituary is part of the missing ones from the 80's.
There's a weekly newspaper in Caribou called the Aroostook Republican (link below), published by Northeast Publishing (in Presque Isle, which also publishes papers for Presque Isle, Houlton & Dover - though my information may be outdated).

There was also a paper in Fort Fairfield in 1987, I believe, the Fort Fairfield Review. That one may be defunct, unless someone started it back up.
Thanks Todd. I have tried to get obits from the Aroostook Republican but unless I subscribe, I can't get them. I was born and brought up in Caribou so I was familiar with the paper. I may try to find some one who can go to the library and look it up for me. I'm sure the library still keeps copies of the old ones.
she was my Grandmother
Actually your mother was my mother too.

Hello Dawn,

      I will try to go the Caribou Public Library to see if I can get a copy of the obituary tommorrow.  Also I belong to the Aroostook County Genealogical Society and we have done several albums of obituaries taken from the Aroostook Republican, St. John Valley Times, Star Herald and other papers and have put them on CDs for sale.  They are no where complete since we have a lot of newspapers yet to put in albums and digitize.  We also do individual copies of obits for a fee but since we have do not have Ivy's I will just send if I find it via this forum at no charge.  

thank you so much.  It will be a big help in finding her parents and family. 

are there plans to publish the books, make them available on line or can they be ordered?


Dear Dawn,

Our website is found at  click on the Resources tab then on Newspaper Clippings paragraph where it says to click to see sample you will see what the samples look like and the cost for the CDs and when you click on indexes you will see what is own each seperate CD.  If you want certain obits, or other announcements, the cost is $1 per item,  I can then make a PDF containing all that you want.  You will be required to send the money first and soon as we receive your check, I will send you a receipt, the PDF in a return e-mail.  My e-mail address is:


Dear Dawn,

       I went to the library and couldn't find the obituary listed in the Aroostook Republican, you can check with Patrick Layne who works at the Reference Department at the Bangor Public Library, he may be able to check the Bangor Daily News for you, his e-mail address is:

Thanks for trying.  It could be nothing was put in by family.


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