According to a birth record for my uncle, my grandfather was a "roundman' in 1916 in Rockwood. I looked up the term and saw that it refers to a railroad employee. Can anyone tell me what the duties of a roundman were?



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Not entirely sure Kyla but, do know my Grandad was a RR man and he talked about certain buildings that were rounhouses where the train or trolley would pull in and they would turn it around so it could go the other way on the same track where a rr line would dead end........I am sure if you googled it and put the name of the RR t you might even pull up a picture or two.


Thanks Kevin,

It makes sense what you say about a roundhouse, but I have been able to come up with little info on the duties of a "roundman".


Hi, a roundsman for the railroad would have gone round inspecting the tracks to make sure they were in proper order.  If it didn't specify that he worked for the railroad, it could have meant anything from a night watchman to a milkman, anyone who made the rounds, so to speak.  If you can find him in the census, it should tell you his occupation.  Let us know what you find!   - Paul

In  the 1917  WWI draft registration, he was a truck driver for Great Nothern Paper Company.  I remember that it was said by family members that he delivered supplies to the woods camps. I am now thinking that is what was meant by "roundman". I have not seen in any record that he worked for the railroad.


The 1920 census gives his occupation as laborer, lumber camp, Great Nothern Paper Company.   



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