Dear Colleagues: 

I recently saw a map of Oxford County from about 1799--it was fascinating! Particularly so because it showed the (often square-ish) outlines of the lands that initially were identified as Plantations No. 1 (Dixfield/Mexico/Peru), No. 2 (Milton/Franklin Plt.; later Sumner, Peru, Rumford), No. 3 (Woodstock), No. 4 (Paris/Greenwood), No. 5 (Buckfield), etc.

I'm fascinated with the history of Plt. No. 2/Franklin Plantation and its relationship to Sumner. First, No. 2 was split into Milton Plt. and Franklin Plt. Then, part of Franklin Plt. was annexed to Sumner on 20 March 1838; another part was annexed on 22 February 1844; a third part was annexed on 12 February 1863. 

If anyone has seen the 1858 maps of Oxford County, the southwest corner of Franklin Plantation, the area around what is sometimes called Farrar's Mills, was part of Franklin Plantation. By the time the 1880 maps were published, this area was part of Sumner and was later commonly called the village of Redding. 

Does anyone know when specifically this part of Franklin Plantation became part of Sumner? I'm related to the Andrews families who lived in this area. Sometimes they are listed as "from Sumner" and sometimes they're enumerated on the census for Franklin Plantation (or earlier, No. 2). It's much squishier than I had thought it would be. Can anyone provide any more specific details? 


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