Hello, I am trying to find the parents of Rev. John Clark, born 1791 in Prospect, Waldo Co., died in Prospect in 1871. His headstone is in "Clark Cemetery" in  Prospect. He was a veteran of the War of 1812. Any help would be appreciated!

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John Clark supposedly served at Hampden in a company raised in Frankfort:


There were a few Clarks living in Frankfort at that time (the censuses show none living in Prospect until 1840). Frankfort and Prospect belonged to Hancock County until 1827, so I checked Hancock County Deeds for references to John Clark. I found a deed dated 18 Apr. 1821 in which John Clark (with his wife Mary) quitclaimed part of his homestead in Frankfort to John Clark Jr. of Frankfort [Hancock Deeds, vol. 48, pp. 381-2]. I believe that the former John Clark was the same who came to Frankfort from Wells, whose wife's name was Mary "Polly" Curtis. As they were conveying part of their homestead by quitclaim deed, John Clark Jr. was quite likely a close relative—possibly a son. Here's the deed (click to enlarge):

Waldo County deeds from that era are not yet available online, so I couldn't follow up and confirm that John Jr. was the same John Clark who died in Prospect in 1871.

Thank you for this great lead. I really appreciate it.


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