I am searching for any info on Clifford Leroy Peavey, he was born in 1913  and died in 1965. son of Lloyd and Ima Peavey, Was married to Alma? Any info would be appreciated.



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Clifford L. Peavey married 26 June 1952 Ada M. Peavey, both of Millinocket. She was evidently the Ada M. Brown who had married 22 Aug. 1935 Frederick Peavey, apparently Clifford's brother.

Here is the family of Lloyd and Ida Peavey in the 1920 and 1930 censuses, living in South Portland.

This page has obituaries for Frederick A. Peavey, "son of Lloyd H Peavey & Ida M. Young," and Frederick Leroy Peavey, "son of Clifford and Ada (Brown) Peavey." Given his 1948 birth date, he could have been the son of Ada and her first husband.
Thanks Chris, I am trying to located some of this family that would still be alive, Clifford Peavey was my Mother in laws father, he married her mother in England during the war. He came back to the states , my mother inlaw 3 yrs old at the time along with her mother came to the US. shortly after the two divorced. My mother in law was never around any of her family and only had the name of her father. She lived in Bangor and Portland area until the earily 60's she married and moved away. Her mother passed away about 20 yrs ago and would never answer any questions about her father, so now were are working on the family tree and would like to fill in the blanks.
The Frederick Leroy Peavey obituary is only five years old, so may be your best bet for finding living relatives. According to the white pages, the "special sister" mentioned still lives in the area. Presumably she would have been brought up by Clifford and Ada.

Good luck!

Hi, Tammy, I know you posted this several years ago, But Clifford was my Uncle.I have limited info and would share what I have.

hi my name is gerald tate my mothers name was iad l peavey tate i am looking for all her brothes and sisters and any outher family mumbers that are out there.

I realize you posted this 7 years ago but is your mothers name Ida Louise Tate and your dads name Larry?

I have the same Clifford :Leroy Peavey ,married to a Grace Betty Birtles in Wales. This is

the same birth and death details so it must be the same person


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