I am seeking pictures of my Hubbard Ancestors from anyone who may have them or know a source for same.  I am not seeking pictures of gravesites or monuments but, just these people:


Phillip Hubbard b.9Nov.1693-d.17May1723

Philip Hubbard,Jr. b.1718 - d. 8Aug.1792

Moses Hubbard b. 1753 d.- 1777 - prisoner of war 1778

Stephen Hubbard d. prisoner of war 1778


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I am Russ Newhall.  I am collecting information about the Northeast Carry, on Moosehead Lake.  One of the references I  found, was an early guide book, written by Lucius L. Hubbard.

Hubbard, Lucius L., Hubbard’s Guide To Moosehead Lake And Northern Maine, Published by the Author, Cambridge, Mass., 1893.

Is this Hubbard close to your direct family?

I do not have any information about your ancestors from the Revolution but, your interest has spurred an interest in me, to look into my family's connection to the Revolution.  I know there were many Newhalls in the Lynn, MA, area who fought.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Russ Newhall

Thanks for your reply, Russell.  No, Lucius Hubbard is not a relative I have found.  My family first settled in Scarborough in 1963 but, after the King Philips' War caused evacuatioin of the Maine coast, the moved to and settled in S. Berwicik.  There are a couple othere Hubbard families who settled in central Maine shortly after the American Revolution.


You should find plenty of information on your family.  All the colonial militia information is under the oversight of the Mass. Secy of State's office.



Well, you never know unless you ask.  Thank you.

I will look into the MA colonial militia information when I get the Northeast Carry project under control.

Russ Newhall


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