Plantation #11 and Providence and Elizabeth Ann Schooners from Cutler, and Machais

Does anyone know anything about Plantation 11?  Such as old cemeteries and any records of early families? 
Anything on shipping in the 1800's and these two ships,Providence and Elizabeth Ann, in particular.  Where did they sail?  What did they carry?

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Where you able to find any information?
No, I have never heard anything. I did find that David Bryant was captain of both of these ships. I found that on New England Historical and Genealogical site. I am planning a trip to Boston to their library in the fall to see if I can find any information on David Bryant. Also an Otis Ackley was the builder of one of the ships. I believe David's wife was Mary Ackley. Have you found out anything yet?
I just came back from a trip from Cutler, Maine. What a beautiful little fishing villege! My ancestors are from that town – the Cates family. Until they had incorporated Cutler was known as Plantation 11. In the 80s Robert Kord was asked by the town to write a history of Cutler. His book, “Down East to Cutler” can be purchased directly from him for about $16 plus shipping. You can look for his number on

In the book you'll find a small section on the schooner building industry, some vital records, and mostly history of the town of Cutler. It was intended to be used as a genealogical resource but I have seen it quoted several times as a source. I have noticed some Bryants in the book. I'm related to the Bryants through the Holmes family. The book mentions that as early as 1795 Benjamin Bryant settled in the town.

If you could share with me your particular Bryant ancestry line I could look up to see if there are any more references to them. I'd be willing to help if you are unsure about that line.

In 1847 the book mentions that the Elizabeth Ann was built. Have you learned anything yourself about those schooners. I would be very interested myself – My Cates were ship capenters.
I thought David Bryant born in 1808 in Cutler, Maine was the son of John Bryant( 1765, Cutler, ME) and Almay Williams, but someone on Ancestry saw a copy of John's family Bible and David was not listed so now I am looking for information to back up the Bible or not. I have no information on David's birth and I guess you have to go to Cutler to find birth notices or they were destroyed. Do you know anything about that?
I had David in the line from Robert Briant from Greenland, NH.
I believe David's wife was Mary Ackley from Cutler. This was written on a piece of paper by Louisa Bryant, daughter of David. I also have a book entitled "History of Machais, Maine," and "Maine Society Sons of the American Revolution." The librarian for the Association was Hubbard W. Bryant of Portland and a newspaper clipping about a Nathan Gould, another historian. Both books I inherited and I am trying to find a link to them, but no luck yet. There are Bryants in Machais, but I haven't located a David from that group. I also have a shawl from India brought back by David Bryant in 1870--this is not certain, from my grandmother. Also two pie servers one for Edvie Bryant and one for Lousia from David Bryant.
I found a lot of Cates on NEHGS on shipping. Atkins S., Joseph Willard, Lucy, and William and many more. Let me know who your relatives are and I will forward the information to you. I recently bought a book entitled The Maritime History of Maine by William Hutchinson Rowe which is really fascinating. It gives a wonderful account of the shipping business in Maine.
I would love to see pictures of Cutler, if you took any. My email address is:
Thanks for your help.
I live in Cutler, if I can be of help, let me know. I'm very new to all this, but I will try.
Thanks for answering. My great grandmother was Louisa Bryant and she grew up in Cutler along with her father, David Bryant. David was born in Cutler in 1808 and according to my grandmother was a Captain. I have never been to Cutler and would love to see some pictures of the area, if you have any you can send by the computer. I live in northern NH and there is not short way to get to Cutler. My email address is
Hope to hear from you again.

Pic of the fishing port and head of the Little River.  Very well maintained little village!


Thanks for the pictures!!!!  They are beautiful. Gives me an idea of where David Bryant and family lived.



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