I am looking for information on the marriage of Leander Prescott son of Ellery Prescott & Marion Jackson, it lists him married to Maxine F Littlefield, and Maxine F Morse on 6/6/1952 which one is he married to?

Allen Prescott his brother do not know who he married.

Addie May another sibling married Joseph Laycox couldn't find their marriage either all married in Maine.  

Any help greatly appreciated.



I  hope I didn't post this twice.

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It would appear that Maxine had married before and that her marriage to Leander was indexed twice. Her maiden name was either Littlefield or Morse, and the other surname belonged to her previous husband.

Ellery and Marian had 8 children total. Addie, Esther, Leander, Regina, Alice. Allen, Laurel, and Freida. 

Leander "sonny" married Maxine (not sure what her last name was at the time) they had 3 children i believe. He remarried a woman named Susan whom is from NY, and they adopted 2 children together. 

Esther married a man named Charles Farmer. he recently passed. 

Addie married Joseph Laycox. They were married in MA which is why you can't find them in ME. 

I'm sorry if I'm blowing up all your posts. I'm very excited. how are you related to Ellery?


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