Earlier today I inquired at the Probate Court In Augusta, Kennebec County why a probate file located in their office would cost $90 to copy and send to me out here in California, oh and a $10 search fee.

Was I quoted the high price because I am not a resident of Maine? The file is from 1824 and the probate office confirmed that they do have the file, but $90? This does not even sound right.

Any advice?

Thank you

Sheri Fenley
Stockton, California

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Wow, that does sound excessive. I haven't dealt with that office, so I can't tell you whether you're being overcharged. Did they tell you how many pages are in the file?
No Chris, they sure didn't. I guess I am comparing this to an estate an probate file I recently obtained from North Carolina. It was 102 pages and they only charged me $32.00 and that included postage!

Before I get on the phone with the Probate office there in Augusta, I just wanted to educate myself about the matter.


Was that for a certified copy?
Hi Ward,

No this was not for a certified copy. Just an FYI it is for Jeremiah Stinchfield in 1824.


Sheri, Go to the upper right hand corner of this pafe where it says"databases" type in J Stinchfiled... and see what comes up. They could not find it when I searched on Jereimiah....
I think the name Stinchfield is in my line somewhere..Will let ya know more later.

I was going thru some of my Danforth, Maine info. and all of a sudden this name jumped out at me cuz I just saw it here. Did u know there are Stinchfields in Danforth in 1860? Seth Stinchfield is mentioned in a book on the history of Danforth, Maine. Just thought I'd throw this out there.


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