I will be in Maine during Thanksgiving week this year. Knowing that offices will only be open Monday and Tuesday, I would like to know the best place to focus my search for members of the Leighton family in Kennebec County. I am particularly interested in death record and possible burial location of Benjamin Leighton (1735-1824) and his wife Jane Webber (1742-1823) in Mount Vernon.

Also looking for any information for their daughter-in-law Esther Tibbetts Leighton (husband: Ephraim Leighton Sr). The only known information where Esther is named is in her 1789 marriage record (Rome) so I'd like to find a birth record (circa 1770) so I can confirm her parentage and/or a death record. She is accounted for in the 1830 census (Parkman) but absent in the 1840 census (Augusta). Over time, the family is found in Augusta, Rome, Mount Vernon and Parkman (Somerset). Other members of her family, her husband and some of her children are buried together in Augusta but she is not there.

I have visited the village of Mount Vernon before but not for research and I am unsure if I should focus in-person record search in the town in question, at the county or state level.

Can someone comment on any of this and how best to target the research for the best use of my time during this visit.

Thanks in advance!

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Benjamin is in the Bean Cemetery on Bean Road, Mount Vernon, Maine

Benjamin R. and wife Lucinda are also buried there with Benjamin

Jane Webber Leighton is buried with Benjamin at the Bean Cemetery also

there is a Leighton family cemetery in Milbridge, Washington County, Maine with similar family names in itl

Have you seen Benjamin and Jane's headstones there?

Well, this is interesting to know because Benjamin and Jane had a son Isaac and he had a son named Benjamin who married a "Lucy Luce" which seems close to Lucinda. I'll try to find out more. Thank you.

If this is based on the Find A Grave memorial, that was created by me. I placed them in Bean Cemetery until I could actually locate them as noted in the biography. If you have additional information beyond that, I would love to know about it. Thanks!

Good morning, Gale! 

I'm not sure how your search is going, but I just saw your post.

As no on knows what the state of COVID will be during November, I wanted to give you the link to Maine's restrictions for visitors in case you don't have it so you can keep tabs on things out here. I'd hate for you to plan your trip and be caught off guard with restrictions. Not knowing how familiar you are with Maine, I also want to add that you'll want to check with any of the town offices that you plan on visiting to see if they'll be open at all during that week - many small town offices here are understaffed and will most likely close for the whole week, or be on-call only. 

I don't live too far out of the way of Mount Vernon. I'm trying to plan from cemetery stomping trips before Maine's increasing COVID numbers go higher. If you are still looking for info, I might be able to check out Bean Cemetery.

I'm curious to know, however, are you certain of Esther's maiden name being Tibbetts or is it possible her marriage to Ephraim Leighton Sr could have been a second marriage? I'd hate to say it, but tracking down a birth certificate in Maine that far back is....well, it's more sheer luck than anything else. 


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