I saw a note on a Rootsweb Family Tree that Sarah Mitchell and Abbie Mitchell, who were sisters and both wives of Sewall Black Cross (son of William Cross and Abigail Lewis) were the daughters of Reverend Harvey Mitchell. The note referenced material from The Illustrated History of Kennebec County, Maine. This is the first source where I have found information on Sarah and Abbie's origins. Does anyone have information on Rev. Harvey Mitchell? Who was his wife? Vital dates? Denomination?

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Cemetery records here and here say that Sarah was born 17 May 1840, Abbie on 31 May 1845. A Sarah E. Mitchell, daughter of Reuben S. Mitchell, was born in Canaan 17 May 1840. As shown by Canaan town records, she had a sister Abba F. Mitchell, born 30 May 1845. Marriage records for her daughters here and here say that Sarah E. (Mitchell) Cross was born in Canaan.

Reuben S. Mitchell is buried in the same cemetery in Augusta as Sewall, Sarah and Abbie. The family record in Canaan says that he married his wife in Hampden on 24 Aug. 1831. Records such as this indicate that her name was Hannah Sylvester.

I don't think I ever thanked your for this, but it helped me a lot trying to fill in blanks, so thanks!

You're welcome!


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