Looking for any info on parents of Mary J. Reynolds DOB: March 1866 (Unity)  would also love to be able to find the marriage record for her and husband W. Henry Bowerman, but can't find it anywhere on-line.  It may list parents for both.  So far, I can only find the divorce record.

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We find Mary living in Hartland in 1900 with (among others) a daughter Josie Hebert. Josie Whitlock married Frank Hebert in 1896, and her parents were given as Charles S. Whitlock, a sailor born in "West Pembrook", and Mary Jane Reynolds, born in Burnham. (Josie's father might actually have been Charles McDonald, as shown below.)

Also living with Mary in 1900 were children Nora and Charles Bowerman. Charles' birth record says that he was Mary's 6th child, and that his mother was born in St. Albans. The 1900 census confirms that Mary had six children, all then living. I believe that Mary's age on this census is off by ten years, and that she was actually born about 1856. That would have made her about 21 when her daughter Josie was born, rather than 11. The 1910 and 1920 censuses give a closer estimate of her age.

The last person mentioned in Mary's household in 1900 was Alonso Reynolds, a boarder, divorced. Here's a 1891 divorce record for Alonso and Mary J. Reynolds. The original record shows that they had married 18 Dec. 1881 in Clinton, and that Nora Belle Reynolds was their daughter. Despite divorcing him for being cruel and abusive, Mary evidently welcomed Alonso/Alonzo back into her home after leaving W. H. Bowerman. Here we find Alonzo and Mary Reynolds living as husband and wife, along with two nieces—both daughters of James and Alice (Graham) Reynolds. James Reynolds appears to have been a son of Job C. and Ann Reynolds, who lived in Unity in 1860, Detroit in 1870, Lincolnville in 1880. Ann lived in St. Albans in 1900, next door to James and Alice. James had a sister Mary J. who was born about 1856 (called "Sarah", oddly, in the 1860 census). This is, I believe, the Mary J. Reynolds you're looking for.

So we have Mary J. Reynolds, born about 1856 to Job and Ann Reynolds. The 1910 census says that she had married three times, and this appears to be the first: she married Charles McDonald in 1876. If you look at the 1880 census entry for Job and Ann Reynolds, right below them are Charles and Mary J. McDonald with three children: Josie, Gustie and Delia. (Notice that Mary J. Reynolds in 1870 had sisters named Cordelia ("Delia") and Augusta ("Gustie").). Mary marries Alonzo Reynolds in 1881, and they have a daughter Nora Belle. They divorce in 1891, and Mary marries William Henry Bowman/Bowerman, abandons him after becoming pregnant with a son, and returns (apparently) to Alonzo. Alonzo and Mary lived in Burnham in 1920, and are buried in that town.

That is so helpful.  Thanks so much.  Wow!  What an adventure her life was.


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