Richard Wormwood was born about 1800 in Maine.  He lived his life in Kennebunk (according to the 1830,1840 & 1850 Census records).  He married Eliza Wells in 1826 in Wells. (I have found 3 marriage dates for this couple, all within a month or two of the other. One in Kennebunk and another in Wells).

Together Richard and Eliza had the following children (that I can find):

Caroline Wormwood b.1827

Joseph Wormwood b.1831 - My 3rd Great Grandfather, he was using the surname Warren in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. His children used the surname Warren.

Mary Wormwood b.1836

Miranda Wormwood b.1839

Olive Wormwood b.1842

Richard died Nov 6, 1851 in Maine.  FamilySearch didn't give me a place.

I have found many online trees on Ancestry.com that have William Wormwood and Mary Rankin as his parents.  None of these trees have any sort of source or proof of this.  I was hoping someone here would have Richard Wormwood and Eliza Wells in their family tree.  If you do, I would love to know which source was used to prove William and Mary as Richards parents. I'm hesitant to add them to my tree and share with my family until I know for sure. This family tree has taken 7 years to untangle.

I currently live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Our Warren family never knew about the Wormwood connection until a few weeks ago after I tracked down a living cousin (2x removed) in Connecticut and mailed her a letter.  If anyone has a suggestion on where I should look for Richard's birth, obit, marriage, Will etc. that might give me his parents names I would be grateful.  USA Genealogy is new for me, especially around that time.



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The estate file of Richard Wormwood begins here. The will of William Wormwood is here, and mentions "my grandchildren Joseph W. Wormwood, Caroline Cain, Mary A. Wormwood, and Olive J. Wormwood, children of my deceased son Richard Wormwood."

You are wonderful!!  I started flipping through FamilySearch images last night trying to find a birth for Richard (no luck). I was flipping through Kennebec Estate files too but just realized I was in the wrong collection. You've saved me a lot of time. Thank you VERY much.  


Hi Lisa!

Richard Wormwood was born 28 May 1799 in Wells, ME.  (the part of town that was set off and became Kennebunk.  They lived in "The Landing" neighborhood of K-port).  He was the son (first child) of William Wormwood and Mary Rankin, (dau of James Rankin and Abigail Maxwell).  He died 6 Nov 1851 "at sea"  the Kennebunk town records say; "went fishing from the mouth of the Mousem River on the 6th of November 1851 in a small wherry.  His boat was picked up the next day at sea, about 2 miles from York Nubble.  Nothing has since been heard from him."

He married Eliza Wells 4 May 1826 in Kennebunk.  She was the daughter of John Wells and Susan Wells.  She was born 1803 Wells, ME and died 4 Aug 1876 Kennebunk.  She is buried with her parents in Wells, ME.  Richard & Eliza were the parents of 5 children (1 boy & 4 girls); Caroline A (1827-1892), Joseph Warren (1831-1919), Mary Ann (1836-1921), Susan Miranda (1839-1923) and Olive J (1842-1930).  

You should check with the Kennebunkport Historical Society.  They have transcribed bible records from your branch of the family.

I have a question for you!  Joseph W. Wormwood had 2 sons, George 1862 and Henry Larimer 1864-1934.  I can find family for Henry, but I have been unable to find anything on George.  I know George was still alive at the time of Joseph's death, as he is mentioned in the obituary as living in Horning, PA.

Obituary from the Sewickley Herald, Vol 15 Part II June 28, 1919:

         "Like the ripened sheaf ready for the reaper Joseph Warren (Wormwood), a distinguished octogenarian of Sewickley, was gathered into the eternal harvest last Monday (June 23, 1919) closing a life full of rugged experiences and activities.  He was the son of Richard W. and Elizabeth (Wells) Wormwood and was born in Kennebunk Maine on May 30, 1831.  When a young man the family moved to Lowell, Mass. Where Joseph learned the machinist trade.  He then entered the histrionic profession and traveled on the theatre circuits for seven years.  Desiring to try something else, he went to Bucyrus, Ohio and took up the study of telegraphy and came to Sewickley in 1859, where he has since resided.  In 1882 he was married to Louisa Von Hofen, who survives him.  The clergyman officiating at their marriage was the venerable Rev. Robert F. Hopkins, presiding over the Pittsburgh Conference. 

         Mr. Warren's (Wormwood) railroad career began in 1859 when on August first he entered the service of the Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne, and Chicago Railway as a telegrapher at the opening of the office in Sewickley, having on April first of that year accepted the position of station master, which he held until he retired June 1, 1901, at the age of seventy years and was replaced on the retired list with a record of forty two years of continuous service.  No stronger testimony to his faithfulness to duty and efficiency is needed.  The historian of that day says of him:

         'Mr. Warren (Wormwood) climbed the telegraph pole, cut wire, and set up the instruments for the telegraph service in the frame station that took the place of the one that succeeded the shed that did service as a station when the road began operations.  How the people did crowd around the window when they heard the click click and saw the movement of Mr. Warren's  (Wormwood) fingers, wanting to know all about his sewing machine.  The first pay message that was received was from Cleveland, sent by Mr. Cochran Fleming to the family at home one day in August 1859, to have the carriage meet him on the arrival of the evening train.'

         For some time after taking the agency at Sewickley Mr. Warren (Wormwood) had charge of the freight and passenger service, and retained the latter when the two depots were separated.  During the years in which he took care of the company's interests, Mr. Warren (Wormwood) saw many changes in the railroad's service and in the community, and witnessed the successive change from a shed to the present structure.

         Along in the '80's when the Public Library was in danger of going on the financial rocks, the histrionic abilities of Mr. Warren (Wormwood) came into play and he offered to stage some entertainments in order to finance this much needed institution.  The offer was gladly accepted and the effort resulted in the raising of $1000 which was a large sum for those days and placed the library in a comfortable footing at various times since he lent his aid in this way.  One of the star attractions was his trained dog Minnie, of which he was quite proud.

         Mr. Warren (Wormwood) was a mechanical genius and the small shop and lathe at the rear of his home stand as mute testimonials of his handicraft. He was one of the first to own an auto when this machine was in its primitive state, and was the possessor of an Edison "talking machine."  He ranked as one of the oldest chauffeurs in the community, being able to operate a car at 87 years of age, and discontinuing then only because of approaching blindness.  Three years ago he and Mr. A. von Hofen visited the Ford plant in Detroit, and in spite of his great age and partial blindness Mr. Warren (Wormwood) took much delight in studying the workshops of this mammoth automobile factory.

         Next to his passion for mechanics was his fondness for music, his violin being a source of solace and entertainment on many a lonely hour, and not until his stiffening fingers refused to draw the melody was he willing to lay his beloved violin on the shelf.  He loved his home and family and spent much of his time in his shop and garden and in keeping his lawn trim and tidy.  He was a member of St. John's Lodge #452 F and AM during its existence here, but for years has been unable to take an active part in the activities of the Masonic Order.  He was a member of St. Stephen's Church, Sewickley.

         Mr. Warren (Wormwood) is survived by his wife, two sons; George of Horning, Pa and Henry of Sewickley; and three sisters; Mrs. Mary E. Cole, Mrs. Olive Topping and Mrs. Susan Perkins, of Kennebunk, Maine.  The funeral services were held from his late home on Chadwick Street on Wednesday evening and were in the charge of Dr. J. H. McIlvaine."

Hi Laurie!

Thanks for replying and for the information regarding his death.  How sad!!

I have been in contact with the Sewickley Valley Historical Society and they have shared a few newspaper articles with me about Joseph Wormwood (Warren). I also found him in a few old books about Sewickley, PA and found a photo of him!! :)  I have looked into both of his sons with his first wife, Martha Jane Lorimore.  

Henry Lorimore Warren stayed close to home, but his children spread out a bit after they married. (He sometimes used the Wormwood surname) 

George Cass Warren is my Great Great Grandfather.  He married Margaret Byron in Oil City, PA (her parents were James Byron and Margaret Meehan, both from Ireland).  He originally worked for the railway, but later became a coal miner in Horning, PA. They had two sons, Frank Warren and Harry Warren (my Great Grandfather) both claim to be born in McKees Rocks, PA.  It looks like Margaret Byron passed away (or left) and he marries his "Servant" and had a few more children with her.  There are a lot of things that don't quite add up but it is likely because of the 1890 gap in census records. Harry and Frank were also with the railway and moved to New York when they were young men.  Harry married in Toronto, Canada to Henrietta Scott (nee Shepherd) and that's where my Grandfather and his brothers and sisters were born and raised (there is a large clan of Warren's here now!!!)  There's a lot of mystery around Harry Warren, and a lot of untrue information on his Canadian government papers (like he claims he was born in Dublin, Ireland not Pennsylvania).  It's possible he left the USA because he was into some trouble. Still trying to work all that out, and that's why this has been such a long process.

Thanks for the tip about contacting the Kennebunkport Historical Society.  I will definitely try contacting them!

My cousin Patrick has some of the information I have found on his ancestry tree if you are a member.  My tree is private (user name LBT79), but if you are interested in more info on Joseph Wormwood Warren and his children I have some info I transcribed from the Sewickley newspaper articles on my family website.  I don't know if I can post that link here so if you would like the link then you can send me a private message and I'll share it.

Thanks again for the info!!!



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