I am looking for information on a Sarah Shepard who was born about 1813 and married Jacob Emmons. Their daughter Laura E. Emmons married Gilbert Yates November 24, 1872. I got her name from The Yates Book: William Yates and His Descendants. Any leads would be appreciated.

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The key is the 1850 census, which shows Sarah's mother Patience living with the Emmons family in Biddeford. Sarah was the daughter of David and Patience (Smith) Shepherd [or Shepard], b. 29 Sept. 1813 in Biddeford, d. 10 Feb. 1891 in Greenwood. She is buried with Jacob in Wayside Cemetery, West Paris.


Patience was the daughter of Dominicus and Jedidah (Tarbox) Smith; her husband David was the son of Robert and Olive (Fletcher) Shepherd, all of Biddeford.

Hi again Pam,

What a coincidence!  I've got the same Sarah Shepard Emmons in my lineage too!  Your question (and Chris's response) allowed me to fill in a couple blanks in my tree too.  Thanks!


I knew we are related somewhere on my mother's side. She always said we were but I was never sure how. Sarah is my third great-grandmother. Gilbert Yates married her daughter Laura and they were the parents of Estes Yates. His daughter Linona is my mom's mom. My grandmother is almost 91 and still living independently in an apartment in South Paris. My aunt and mom help her with errands because she doesn't drive but otherwise she is healthy and independent - great genes!

Jacob Emmons was quite a guy. He went to sea as a young man, sailing often to the West Indies. After coming to Greenwood, he worked at the Grand Trunk Railroad quarry at Bryant Pond, and walked to work every day even when an old man. In the winter he worked in the woods. It was reported in the Lewiston Evening Journal of 29 Dec. 1891 that "Jacob Emmons, 87 years old, goes to the forest each morning with his ax, and refuses to stand back for any of the young men." That was just a few months before his death from "La Grippe."

Thanks so much for all the information!  I have Dunhams on my dad's side. We are probably related in there somewhere.
Troy and I are second cousins, both descended from Laura's sister Christiana. I think that makes us your fourth cousins once removed.
I found your information very interesting and to found new info that I can add to my family search. Sarah and Jacob Emmons are also a part of my family tree. Jacob and Sarah Emmons are my third grandparents. Their son Joseph Emmons married Hannah. Their sonWalter S. Emmons was my great grandfather and he married Kate  Jackson. Their son George Emmons married Ida Morgan were my grandparents. Their son Walter Scott Emmons is my father. I have just started with finding my tree and am having so much fun with it. Thanks for the information.

Welcome to the site, Belinda! Thought you might be interested in this clipping about the fire that destroyed the W. Scott Emmons farm. I found it in a scrapbook kept by my grandfather. I assume that the notes at the top mean that ownership of the farm passed from Alton Bacon to Estes Yates to the Emmons family.


This is indeed the family homestead that was owned by my parents and where I grew up. It was the last building left of what was the first settlement of Woodstock. From what I know it was the Bacon homestead.I do know that it was bought by my parents from Ralph Bacon.He had lived there as a child and as an adult. When we live at the old place it always seemed to attract lightning. Every storm would bring a lightning strike to the telephone lines and then into the house. Thank you for sharing, as every bit and piece of information is so interesting.


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