Searching for information about Clarence Bumpus, Sr., born ~1878 in Oxford, ME

My wife's great grandfather was Clarence Bumpus born in 1878 in Oxford. He enlisted in the Army on November 5, 1898, and was sent to the Philippines to fight in the Spanish American War. He was discharged from the Army and decided to stay in the Philippines where he married Honoria (Aurea) Canalita Sayson. He and Aurea had six children together (Samuel, Frank, Julia, Clinton, Clarence, Jr., and William). I have most of this information from research done on and

This is where I am stuck. I am unable to determine Clarence, Sr.'s, parentage. My wife has taken the AncestryDNA autosomal DNA test and I've found references to the Bumpus surname in matching results but I have been unable to determine any connections.

Is there anyone here who may be able and willing to help me figure out where Clarence, Sr. came from?

Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.

Shaun Wright

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A Clarence Bumpus, age 1, lived with parents Samuel and Clarinda in Oxford in 1880. Samuel died in April 1896, and Clarinda a week later. According to an index card at the Maine State Archives, when he enlisted for the Spanish-American War Clarence listed William Bumpus of Oxford as his "parent or guardian." Presumably this was his older brother. The Oxford County Probate Court has records of guardianship from this era, but they are not yet online.

Incredible! I see that in the first census the OCR identified "Bumpus" as "Burnpus." Interesting. After I searched for "Burnpus" on I found the same census record.

I also found a probate record for Clarence's grandfather, Jesse, on I'll continue searching for other Bumpus probate records. 

Thank you very much for helping me identify Clarence's parents. That has opened up a lot of other new information, too!


Greetings Shaun! Due to me finding your initial post I was able to trace my own ancestry. Thank you! I am Julia Bumpus Lim’s grand daughter living in California.

Ivy, I'm glad my inquiry is helping others, too. :) You must be a cousin of my wife, Rose.

I was able to find our anchester all the way back to Edward Bompasse. It was very exciting! I would have never been able to do that without your original post so thanks a million. I asked my Mom if she knew anyone from Lolo Deking which is what we called Grandpa Clarence Jr and she did mentioned a cousin Rose who might be living in the US but she didn’t know where. However, I have never met Rose. I was told we are about the same age. Please extend my regards to her. Whenever you happen to visit California please let me know. I would love to meet one day. She can find me on face book under Ivy Cena.

I will pass that on to her. Her grandparents were Frank Bumpus and Andrea Capitan.


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